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  1. Work at home earn some extra ¡ncome
    Criteria :
    You must have your own PC
    Who lives Near Pasay or Quiapo
    knowledge on Video editing and Ftp
    Your own internet connection (Not Shared)
    skype account
    Paypal aaccount where we send you your income (otional)

    PM me for more INFO

    hinde eto lokohan 3 tao lang ang kailangan namin
  2. alimokoi7

    alimokoi7 Member

    magkano ang rate... pwd mo ba ako iHire sa odesk?

  3. per enode ang bayad namin the more you encode the more money you get

    60 pesos per video
  4. alimokoi7

    alimokoi7 Member

    $1.33 / Video -- baba naman ng rate, pag gawa palang ng video ilang oras na yan, tapos, pag render at pag upload pa......
  5. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    ang baba ng offer mo dude.
  6. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    ^^akala ko ba naman selling pornsites, nyahahahha
    dito sa baguio ang dami nian.
  7. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    hindi kasi malinaw kung anung video yun eencode nyo, bka naman shortclips yan.
  8. friday13

    friday13 Member


    Kindly post an additional information on how long is the duration of the video and the quality (example HD 1080...)

  9. alucardver

    alucardver Member

    1gb isang video. hehehe, gano katagal i upload yun? kung smartbro lang gamit mong connection? :p tapos 60 lang bayad, talo sa kuryente. jejeje
  10. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    hehehe, laki nyan hirap i upload yan

  11. from 1gb to 1.4 gb you dont really need to encode it all you need is Rip it (no porn) add me on YM for more info
  12. friday13

    friday13 Member

    Kung DVD ang source then rip mo... ala sila pinagkaiba diba? You still encoding the video to make it smaller.

    Medyo lugi nga kung 60 pesos per video kasi rip + upload halos isang araw na yun. Lalo na sa atin ambagal ng upload speed.
  13. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    oo nga, bagal ng net dito.

    or cguro free net nalang per month, then kahit konti yung bayad per video.
  14. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    tama nga...

    siguro kung 200 per video me kakagat kahit paano...

  15. Nice tips about what else one need to have to work from home ...I have satisfied all the criteria mentioned above and i am also working and earning enough money from home yet now by doing reselling business .Reseller is nothing but selling products or services of others by fixing high rate and earning money by getting commision from them .For this we need to have reseller account . You can get reseller account from the renders like after signing in for the account they provide you with a site that render services like domain ,SSl ,hosting services and so on with some estimated cost ..You just fix your cost for those services ...After selling them they will return back the extra commission amount which you fixed ....I am earning enough money only by this method ...

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