Wireless energy promise powers up

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    Wireless energy promise powers up

    By Jonathan Fildes
    Science and technology reporter, BBC News

    "A clean-cut vision of a future freed from the rat's nest of cables needed to power today's electronic gadgets has come one step closer to reality.

    US researchers have successfully tested an experimental system to deliver power to devices without the need for wires.

    The setup, reported in the journal Science, made a 60W light bulb glow from a distance of 2m (7ft).

    WiTricity, as it is called, exploits simple physics and could be adapted to charge other devices such as laptops.

    "There is nothing in this that would have prevented them inventing this 10 or even 20 years ago," commented Professor Sir John Pendry of Imperial College London who has seen the experiments.

    "But I think there is an issue of time. In the last few years we have seen an exponential growth of mobile devices that need power. The power cable is the last wire to be cut in a wireless connection."

    Professor Moti Segev of the Israel Institute of Technology described the work as "truly pioneering"
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    that is something to see (not literally) but there will probably be health risk (but as the article said minimal, hmmm maybe it will depend on the power output).
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    Actually they had this ambitious plan before that they will create a solar array in space and in the moon then it will send here in that kind of technology.

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