Windows Media Player 11 - Public Beta

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by ojpd, May 17, 2006.

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    So what you're saying is that after an individual buys a Microsoft operating system they wont get any additional support at all?? Or less than a year lang ang use?? Support? Diko gets dude kung bakit mo masabi yan... When XP was first released.. Before I bought my copy I made sure I met the minimum requirements.. Got my copy and installed.. I didnt see any problems with it.. It was pretty darn fast. Faster than any other MS OS at that time. It still is.

    Sa opinion ko lang.. XP was released just after ME was released. That time dami nag reklamo kase sobrang bilis daw.. Everybody put XP down. Ngayon pinatagalan ng Microsoft ang release ng Vista. And XP has been around for a very long time na.. As in mas nauna pa nga narelease ng Apple ang bagong Mac OS kaysa sa vista. Fact is until now sige sige parin free updates and service packs ng xp. You're complaining na sobrang dali lang ang support ng microsoft samantala ang iba naman nagrereklamo kase ang tagal na ng xp. Kum baga.. ang dating is.. Apple users are enjoying the new mac os.. WE WANT VISTA TOO!!

    Truth is even after vista's official birth microsoft will still release another service pack and updates for xp and it will continue to do so and support XP for another 2-3 years that will be the approximate transition time/period for people to switch to Vista. For me that's a long time and even people with w@rez copies of XP will still be able to get the additional updates as well. Even windows 98 still has a linux-like community based support hanggang ngayon despite microsoft already discontinued official support for it.

    And think about it dude.. SuSE, Mandrake, Ubuntu and other major linux flavors release a new version in an almost yearly basis.. Exception nalang siguro ang bagong Ubuntu kase every 3 years na ang bagong program nila after dapper's release. Almost all linux distros has security updates as well.. Most distros are free and some are not.... Anyways, if linux distros have the right to release newer versions annually or bi-annually why cant Microsoft? Apple releases a newer mac os regularly, Xandros has a new version almost every year too! And both also cost money and are also proven to be hackable.

    Microsoft operating systems have always been the easiest desktop platforms. It may not be perfect but the people working in the background.. Not Bill Gates nor Steve Ballmer but the real hard working people (some are even pinoys) are doing a good job finding out about the flaws and trying to fix them flaws.

    Sa mga MS haters naman wag nalang sila sana gumamit ng MS based software if they hate MS so much. Dami naman dyan ibang alternatives dba.. Anyways I enjoyed this thread.. hehehe Basta ako, I am not gonna make myself a hypocrite and try to bring down a product that is part of my daily life or worst.. Pirate/steal and use a product and tell everybody it sucks.
  2. jelome1986

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    It's getting hot in here...
    anyway, balik tayo sa topic, ano po yung masasabi nyo sa windows media player 11?
    ano dagdag nyang features?
    cool ba interface?
    tnx in advance...
  3. hotbreed

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    hmmm... i'd say it's a must-install update if you have installed a vista transformation pack (blends with aero) it comes with a music store plugin: URGE, just like itunes music store.

    i didn't care much about the new features though. however, i appreciate the video display control having been fixed in this release, unlike in WMP 9 and 10 where brightness level etc. couldn't be altered during DVD playback. (or maybe i was unaware of fixes earlier issued regarding this)

    i have installed it on all my computers except the 2 with non legit copies of XP. so all that you need to do to find which computer has the pirated OS is check my WMP :smile: (they'd b legit by end of June since we've been saving on oem since march :smile: )

    more: your music library looks different now with the vista folder look applied (thumbnails of album art is displayed) . there's a drop down menu button just below the "rip" tab where you may choose which format, bitrate etc. you would like the CD ripped files. drag and drop playlist creation.... ano pa.... hmmm

    all my computers are installed with vista transpack and with this recent addition pa ng WMP 11, it looks very neat...

    cool lang yan sila. sanay sa debate ang mga yan and conficts of opinions such as this make us learn newer, better ideas, di ba nga tol? :smile:
  4. jelome1986

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    just downloaded/installed WMP11, LUFIT ng interface!!! hehe, saka ano ginagawa ng URGE? taka ako nung natapos ng maginstall yung wmp, biglang me lumabas na isa pang update cya pala yun...

    saka cool yung toolbar nya kapag minimized. nakakalito nga lang medyo nabago yung order ng pause/play, next/previous.

    saka ang pangit lang nawawala yung mga kanta na naka-save sa current playlist (now playing ata) kapag ni restart/turn off ko PC. kelangan open ko na naman cya sa library para ma play ang nakasave na kanta. nakakatamad gawin.
    di gaya ng wmp10 nandun parin kahit i restart mo.

    my mistake.
    tama ka dyan...
  5. ojpd

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    Yeps.. actually cool na cool lang kami ni kuya duhwho.. hehe As hotbreed says.. conflict of opinions lang and what you've read is just merely a common example of a common internet wide debate amongst MS Rebels and Windows Fanboys all over the world.. HEHEHE
  6. ojpd

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    Also try IE7 Beta 2 man... The interface is beautiful. Lots of functions but not overbloated... Works well too.
  7. tong2x_

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    very cooooool interface
    (sleek design)


    we are here to provide information and to observe
  8. hotbreed

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    hey!!! nice. tabbed browsing at last ang IE7. tas yung buttons and boxes ang ganda ng placement <right where i want to be> blends well sa desktop theme and true! it works well. i personally like the quicktabs feature ctrl+q where all the open tabs are displayed in thumbnails na pwede mong i close or i open. :smile:
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    actually i just said my piece na already di ba... likewise its your call its my call .. hehehehe

    and yes i paid 4000 for win98 in the year 2000 and paid around 8-10K for windows 2000 pro around 2002 (i dont know exactly) in short we shell out around 14K for two windows OS... di sana ako bibili na nang 2000 kaso medyo di stable lalo pag games at mag konting application glitch (hang) restart na sya at di mo pwede pataying ang application na nag hang.. di ba..

    so i was told ano itatapon mo lang ba ang 4000 (refering to the 98)dahil di mo na ginagamit yan... siympre we are not rich that 4000 is a big deal for us (back then)...

    and i again its my own statesment...

    the problem with the software field we dont put a mark for quality or there aint really a software that worthy of mark of quality... remember the consumer law.. every product must be tested with standard quality.. in the Philippines we mark it P.S. and in the US there is also quality mark.. and international standard was also set... di ba...

    pero again its my own point view.. which i believe i have inherent rights to do so hehehehe i dont show hatred or whatever rage againts microsoft, i just simple put I dont want crappy software.. which i belive again i do have inherent rights to say those thing...

    and yes im stick with windows 2000, because as of now, base on my personal experience at home and at work.. 2000 still much stable compared to XP...

    parang may taning.. hehehehe.. so after 2-3 years what will happen to your XP? paano yan akin 2000 wala na rin waaaaaa.... well kahit ba mukha akong oldies dito sa windows 2000 .. i wont go for Vista hehehehe not unless i see something from Vista of what is like in 2000, two words.. reliability and compatibility....

    pero cguro base on my ROI cguro after 2007 enough na dapat wag na silang magbenta nang XP kung nag release na sila nang Vitsa para di lugi tao.. pero bago pala ako upgrade kailang upgrade din PC ko.. so means i have to shell out money first on hardware like memory and harddisk tsssskk....

    o cgue enjoy your IE7 and WMP11 hehehehehe

  10. ojpd

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    As I said, XP has been around for a long time now. Adding another 2-3 years of support for windows xp even after vista's release is just one way of showing that Microsoft isnt as pathetic as some people say it is.

    If Microsoft doesnt release new software or releases them every 10 years just to cater the extreme minority in the market then for sure it's value as a company will decline. In simple words.. Any commerical company that will behave the way you want them to behave and not release any newer software will slowly die. Need an example? Remember the once industry leading "3DFX"?? They released somewhat the same kind of videocard sige sige.. No new technology at all. Where are they now? Sold to Nvidia.

    Plus the computer world would still be too freakin slow kung ganun. Tsaka di lang naman microsoft ang naghihingi ng newer hardware ah.. Even most linux distributions are starting to get resource hungry as well.

    You know it's funny coz you seem to know more than the actual people working at M*****ft.. But para naman sakin, I dont believe an older OS would be better than a newer OS and with this I'm referring to the ones coming from M*****ft. If that were true, microsoft would still be concentrating and spending millions on marketing windows 2000 until now. Anyways you're entitled to you own opinion and I respect that.

    About RAM, everybody knows that the more ram you have the faster your system will behave. It's not saying na it wont work with only 512mb of ram but it's saying it's best if you have more. And dude, Im sure you know that even in a linux distro you're better off with more ram.

    Here is the most recent and official Vista minimum requirements:

    800mhz Processor or faster
    512MB of RAM
    DirectX 9 video card
    20GB Hard drive
    DVD Rom drive

    It will look like windows xp with these specs. I dont think people really need to dish out that much on hardware. An 800mhz cpu is more or less the oldest kind of P4.. 20gb Hard disk? 512mb ram? If you ask me these requirements arent that bad at all. Bottomline is whether it's a microsoft OS or a linux OS.. As long as there are new software around there will always be a need to have newer hardware. Otherwise the computer industry would still be in the 286/386/486/MS Dos days.
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    but you wont get the best of Vista.. if you go for minimum requirement just like they said in XP.. pero may ok ang XP sa recommended specs di ba so vista too will work well and get the best of it if u go for recommended specs...


    likewise i said im not againts evolution or revolution or new age... gush sorry for being non-prolific writer and i cant seem to convey my message clearly... gaya sabi ko mayronn ako 3210 pero i still buy K300i so im not againts evolution... what i mean is the 3210 last longer.. and yet i still buy k300i not because 3210 is old and obsolete but i need camera and video hehehehehe.. but 3210 can still be use di ba... so again and again Im not AGAINTS EVOLUTION / REVOLUTION or whatever DEVELOPMENT is needed... what im saying is simple and fact that when i bough my 3210 back then still working as of now.. so di nasayang ang pera ko nun binili ko yan... di ba.. pero i opted to buy K300i not because 3210 is longer usable (which still is) but because i need camera ... so my next concer is i wish that my K300i would last the same as my 3210.. but of course i will buy new phone when certain features is necessary... di ba...

  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    one more thing my HP printer still working and i can still buy a catridge .. yan ang product quality.. but of course i open for new printer if they have features that i needed. and hopeful the new printer would last the same as my old 840C HP Printer...

  13. ojpd

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    What about McAfee, Norton, ESSET, Panda, or other AV licenses that need to be renewed yearly? What about the companies buying corporate AV licenses yearly?? AVs costs around 2000-3000 pesos PER PC and you have to buy a newer version or renew your license every year. Which is worst? Microsoft or those companies? I understand that this is a different debate pero diba.. Parang pareho din?

    Siguro, ganun nga lang talaga ang computer industry? And we the consumers always had and always have choices.. We can go for a free OS or go for MS... We have choices. The red pill or the blue pill? Lewls.
  14. ojpd

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    Well as for me, I'd use vista simply becoz it's got tons of stuff over XP. For starters.. Vista doesnt frag data.. So you wont need to defrag your HD unlike in the older MS OSes... No fragging = faster perfomance. The interface is much better, it will make use of my videocard.. As in the directX integration into the desktop itself is a first of it's kind. With vista I can use USB flash drives as additional RAM.. The delicious Directx 10.. Windows Defender... IE7... and MORE.

    In short it's a totally brand spanking new Windows.
  15. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    likewise i said software dapat may standard of quality.. gaya nang ibang product...

    yes so when I buy a license i know its for a year.. and when u renew you renew ur subsription but not the entire software not unless they stop supporting the said version...but buying new version will not require you to change anything right? and because AV has many manufacturer they would do anything to provide quality kasi competition eh .. eh si microsoft wala ngayon palang si Linux nagiging easy to use.... so the AV and others the one adjust to the need of user.. for example AV have version that can be installed in any platform di ba...


    so Im not saying Microsoft should not create Vista.. what i want to express is sana yung Vista niya maganda na i mean experience already tell you what to do.. iba ang added features sa system vulnerabilities.. so we dont talk about Vista has new kind features what we want to know if Vista can perform well without service pack for the next 12 months? so if microsoft would like to create new Vista like VISTA X2 hehehehe so be it.. but when he releases VISTA X2 is because of new features not because of stigma of vulnerabilities and others di ba.. so again im not againts DEVELOPMENT...

  16. ojpd

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    See there you are again flaming microsoft and it's vulnerabilities. Ang ubuntu ba walang vulenerability/security updates? Ang apple ba walang security updates? Ang ibang linux OSes ba dyan like SUSE Pro or even Novell walang security updates?

    As of now hindi pa na release ang vista and already you're saying na ang dami nyang vulenerabilities? Are you on the Beta team? If you are.. That is the reason why we're beta testers so we can report the vulnerabilities we've found. Tsaka hindi pwede na walang security updates ang isang OS for 12 months straight.. Di pwede yan ang sinasabi mo because as we speak millions of hackers and port scanning geniuses worldwide are looking for newer ways to make a windows user vulnerable. I imagine if MAC OS was on top and the most used worldwide I bet it would be the one with all the viruses and security issues. But it's not, windows gets attacked and studied by hackers all the time because it has the most users worldwide. Why would hackers spend so much time making viruses or attacking other OSes that dont have that much user population worldwide? That's just the way things are and you can't change this no matter how much you flame MS ganun talaga ang nangyayari sa mundo ngayon.

    Anyways a couple more questions for you...

    What do you mean ngayon palang naging easy ang linux? I dont think so man.. Nuon palang easy na ang linux gamitin. I have a very old pc installed with redhat 7 and it's still running. Works like win98.

    And exactly what do you mean ba na hindi na supported ang windows 2000 mo??? Hanggang 2010 pa po ang support for windows 2000... However last year na nag stop ang new features being added to it. But it is still very much supported and will be so hanggang 2010. So you say you bought your copy last 2002 for 8k? So that would give you 8 years of support... More than enough? Or kulang pa ba para sayo? :shock:
  17. tong2x_

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    I think your asking for something that is already in there (Windows) but you just don't believe it is there. you keep on insisting that Microsoft (xp or vista) should have "quality" in software. yet your definition of quality is vague in the first place.

    what you want is a software that is bug free and secure. unfortunately, no product will be bug free and secure (may challenge is that you name at least one company/product that was released and was never updated/fixed/upgraded).

    look at it this way, service packs and patches exist becuase we demand perfection, becuase we demand quality, becuase we demand more to what we already have.

    as you and ojpd has argued about, no software is perfect, especially for a complex system like an OS. this is not an excuse for Microsoft and anyother software developer, but you should at least understand why it is impossible to produced a "perfect" OS. well maybe in the future that would exist, an OS that could self evaluate and modify itself in order to fix bugs and protect it self againts attack (hopefully not againts humans), but for now I have to wake up and face reality.
  18. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ay naku cgue na.. kung di pa rin ako ma gets... bahala ..

    di ko kayang mag elaborate na hehehehhee kasi di nga ako writer hirap mag sulat pwede tayong mag debate pero hindi in-writing plus with matching tools pa hehehe pero writing sorry... kung text nga tamad ako.. wats more pa kaya dito... hehehehe


  19. tong2x_

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