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    bias kasi... :evil:

  2. yup bias talaga....and the telcos want absolute control kaya hinaharang din nila. and ofcourse some politicians likes it because of the bribe money
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    #1 dapat sa corruption pilipinas.... lalo na si manny p....
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    pwede sana pero kung over 3,000 or 4,000 wag na.. ehehehehehe... liit lang naman business ko...hehehehehe

    bulubundkin at puno nang punong kahoy... dito kaya yan?

    sa sateliite... wala silang type kung residential or business since downlink lang naman yun... DVB Receive only... kasi uplink nila eh dial-up... kahit anong ISP.. i think PLDT at Pacific ok daw....[/quote:1agaebo2]

    Kaylangan ang WIMAX ng Oil>>>>>>>>langis para sa mga crooked na Tongresista natin, he he he it needs Congressional franchise.
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    meron naman WIFI na ginagamitan ng high gain antena. like Wifi ng Bayan, ordinary wifi router with high gain antena.

    mura lang ang setup pero line of site sya unless omni directional na high gain antena gamit. pag ganon baka hindi rin umabot ng 5+kms.

  6. meron, n po bng available na WIMAX dito sa pinas, mukha kacng maganda rin yan
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    my favorite topic.. hehehehe... been in this business for a very long time. heheheh...
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    bad implementation and design... hehehe....

    i am a wisp utilizing both wimax and wifi, and i am covering 60km radius on a multi relay link and 15km radius using wifi alone.

    nasa design ng rf propagation and secret ng wifi/wimax deployment.
  10. tong2x_

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    saan mo nabili ang antena na gamit mo? abroad o locally o gawa mo?
  11. primus

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    i have my own design, meron din akong bili (abroad), meron din akong modified ng commercial product para mas lalong tugma sa operating frequency ko.

    generally, the secret is... secret.... heheheheh....

    seriously, the secret is.. when buying commercial product, make sure that it is not a wide-band, if you can find a narrow band that will operate on your center frequency, you can optimize the gain with little or no rf bleeding.

    most common mistake kasi ng newbie sa wlan is, they are buying antenna based on gain without taking any consideration about the frequency bandwidth of the antenna. basta't may makita lang na 8-10dbi na gain akala na eh malakas, which is true if you will be operating on the antenna's center frequency, pero kung off center ang channel mo, then you are just wasting money and you are not utilizing the advertised gain.

  12. sir dookie please check ur email.
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    year 2005 pa last activity ni dookie...malamang di na sya nadadalaw sa forum na to...


    no na nga pala balita sa wimax na to?
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    He he he.. Tro years na.. :lol:

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