WiFi subscribers of ePLDT can now roam outside RP

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    WiFi subscribers of ePLDT can now roam outside RP

    Customers and subscribers of ePLDT’s WiFi (wireless fidelity) can now roam outside the Philippines and enjoy Internet connectivity.

    They can enjoy a consistent, global wireless broadband experience with access to information, communications and entertainment at more than 18,700 Wi-Fi hotspot locations from selected Southeast Asian countries and North America.

    ePLDT, the information technology arm of PLDT and a member of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), has set up its wireless broadband roaming coverage to Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, USA and Japan.

    The company has recently forged partnership agreements with leading operators Maxis Malaysia, Starhub, Hongkong CSL, T-Mobile USA and NTT Communications, respectively.

    ePLDT would later on sign roaming arrangements with NTT, Korea Telecom and True Thailand will likewise follow suit.

    Participating WBA members include among others British Telecom, China Netcom, Telecom Italia, True Thailand, Swisscom and Orange.

    ePLDT’s membership in the WBA does not only highlight the Philippines as a world-class entity in the technology arena, but more importantly, gives Filipino Internet users the opportunity to roam outside the country and still be connected.

    Business travelers will be able to keep track of office activities while they’re away at a board meeting in Hong Kong or at a client call in the US.

    Through International Wi-Fi Roaming, coordination between colleagues and partners are clearer and faster, thus, increasing efficiency and effectively reducing costs.

    "The WBA continues to broaden the appeal of wireless broadband by linking member networks together, enabling seamless roaming and ensuring that a consistent user experience is reflected throughout the world," said Kyong Yu, chairman of the WBA.

    "Work has also started towards integrated our members’ mobile and fixed networks into the wireless broadband networks so that users have greater choice of which network they have access in order to remain connected."

    Organized in March 2003, the WBA is one of the pioneers in WiFi/WLAN services collaboration and is focused on improving five key areas for wireless broadband consumers: global coverage, confidence in quality, reliability, true mobility and good customer experience.

    "ePLDT is extremely proud to represent the Philippines in the WBA," says ePLDT President Ray C. Espinosa.

    "As a mover in the local technology industry, our vision is for our country to be recognized as one of Asia’s fastest-growing WiFi-intensive markets by year-end. This encourages other WBA members to partner with us in providing International Roaming from their country to ours, and vice versa", he added.

    ePLDT customers wishing to login at an international WBA location must: launch their browser, they will be presented with a WBA members’ roaming login page, click on/select the "roaming" link. Next, select ePLDT from the list of roaming partners. When prompted, they must enter their ePLDT user name and password.

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    Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/INFO2005091644130.html

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