whos using satellite internet here?

Discussion in 'Satellite Internet' started by bridge, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. bridge

    bridge Member

    anyone using dream satellite internet here?

    i need your comments regarding the stability and speed


  2. I used to. Connection was usually very reliable, in sense of being available. Speed was usually a problem and they rarly delivered the 128kbit during peek hours. Not seldom it dropped to around 50kbit.
    Ping times are long, regardless of what plan you have. That's the nature of the beast with satellite. Around 1000msec is what you have to expect, so online gaming is out of the question. VoIP is also hard to do with that long turnaround times.
  3. bridge

    bridge Member

    so what is the average download speed ?
    the speed you see in windows save target as.

    how much are you paying?
    did you pay for the equipment?
    is it two way, no need to dialup?

  4. It vary between 50kkbit and 128 depending on time of day
    3,600 for internet only (4,500 if you want TV too)
    Yes, 72,000p for internet equipment only
    Two way. No need for dialup

  5. wow! 72,000 for the equipment only T_T shisssss T_T this is no way for my new computer shop ^_^

  6. primus

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    depende sa platform ng satellite, i am a satellite user for the longest time (9 years) two-way system, i've used gilat, hughes system and now i use linkstar and iDirect modem, i don't use home-user terminal.

    kung tipong home-use na satellite ang gamit mo tulad ng sa DirectV wala talagang kuwenta iyon.

    delay is usually 600-800ms round trip, your speed will depend on what circuit you are on, kung sa mcpc ka talagang malaki problema mo sa speed dahil sa contention ratio, pero kung sa scpc naman, the speed is similar to a T3 line.

    reliable sya sa voip kung tama ang circuit type mo, don't expect a high quality voip kung contented ang speed mo, a lot of uplink station is now supporting a high quality video/voip over satellite.

    most likey yung problema mo sa speed eh dahil sa platform mo or sa subscribe circuit mo.
  7. primus

    primus Member

    speed - depende sa subscribe speed mo at sa platform, it go can as high as 64mbps on download and 12mbps on upload.

    price - from $90 - $3,700 per month.

    terminal - depende, kung linkstar terminal (viasat) $1,250 including a 1.8 meter dish, IDU and ODU, kung Netmodem mas mura, at iDirect medyo mahal.

    but usually nasa range ng $1,000 ~ $2000 ang equipment, yung pang home-use usually nasa $250~500 lang ang price nuon.

  8. bro please pm me,saan ba tayo maka ka apply sa dream satellite internet?
  9. Tr0w4Tr3y

    Tr0w4Tr3y Member

  10. If you have inquiries or you want to buy a satellite cable tv system without monthly bills, w/ 1 yr. warranty just pm, we shift nationwide

  11. Ok itong satellite cable lalo na kung hindi available ang dsl sa area niyo.

  12. Dream Satellite internet is slow even You have high bandwidth. This is due to the fact that the signal is being bounced thousand of miles away from the earth and back. Although it is reliable but is very expensive for private use. But if you have a internet cafe at a remote location then you can go for that.....

    You can go at a link: usenet and astraweb.
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    you may try ipstar.. but headache heheheh
  14. manok00

    manok00 Member

    Mahina at masyadong mahal pa ang equipment. Unlike in the US na ok gagamitin

  15. 5 figure costings for just KBit rates appears very costly...

  16. Saan ba nakakabili ng satellite dito sa Pilipinas?
  17. manok00

    manok00 Member

    May balita na isang satellite internet provider this year na mag market at a significant lower cost in order to compete at the broadband market
  18. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    sino? si dream or cignal? mas lower sila sa wireless at wired? hmmm.. IPSTAR nga di pumatok dahil mahal hehehe
  19. bridge

    bridge Member

    ive tried once 5 years ago satellite download, dialup upload...
    max rate is 50kbps download rate.

    i dont know now if both upload and download is via satellite na...
  20. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    yung IPSTAR both download and upload via Satellite.. may LNB at may BUC..

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