VSAT vs. E1

Discussion in 'Satellite Internet' started by joefzlaurente, May 29, 2007.

  1. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    what is the best VSAT or E1 line? and how to configure VSAT?
    Is it possible to use VSAT transmisson for AP's if you are renting 5 E1 line from PLDT?

    Thank you very much.
  2. primus

    primus Member

    medyo magulo tanong mo. what do you mean by Is it possible to use VSAT transmisson for AP's if you are renting 5 E1 line from PLDT?

    VSAT is already your link to the internet, so you don't need an E1 line from PLDT.

    if you have access to an E1 line, go for it, don't settle for a VSAT as there are disadvantages with it. such as long RTT delay and weather condition factors.
  3. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    haha thnx

    what i mean sir is yong deploying ng signal sa long range AP is like the architecture of VSAT,, possible ba?

    5 E1 line kasi rent namin from PLDT ( 2 Mbps per E1 line ,, yan lang kasi kaya ng PLDT sa area namin).

    Like WDS/Bridge principle pero VSTA setup,, possible po ba ?

    Thank you very much
  4. primus

    primus Member

    very very very possible and i can't stress it enough, VSAT is just a modem for satellite transmission just like the leased line modems or even a DSL or dial-up modems. there's nothing special about it with the exception of how you are connected to the internet.
  5. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member


    Thank you very very much,,
  6. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    I think it is the dish you what right? not vsat per se.
    most wireless installation from abroad uses sometype of paraboric dish that is smaller than most vsat dish. it would be best to buy the dish that is optimal for your equipment.
  7. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member


    thnx,, is it available ba here sa pinas?
  8. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    karamihan ata nun sa abroad pero meron din ata PH company na nagsusuply ng long range wifi equipments.

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