Vista, Leopard, Linux to compete in hack contest

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    Vista, Leopard, Linux to compete in hack contest

    Apple's OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems are to be pitted against each other in an ethical hacking contest in Vancouver next month.
    Run by the organizers of the CanSecWest Vancouver 2008 security conference, the competition is a repeat of the "PWN to Own" contest at CanSecWest in 2007, when security researchers competed to win a MacBook Pro and $10,000. The prize was shared between security researchers Dino Dai Zovi and Shane Macauley for their successful use of a zero-day QuickTime vulnerability, which they used to compromise the MacBook. The vulnerability was subsequently found to also affect Windows platforms.

    The hacking competition at CanSecWest 2008 will pit the Linux, Leopard OS X, and Vista operating systems against each other, according to CanSecWest organizer Dragos Ruiu.

    "The fur is flying right now about which is more secure--Linux, Vista, or Leopard," Ruiu said on Thursday. "Linux guys have their propaganda, Windows guys are saying this and that, Apple guys have buried their heads in the sand as usual. I guess the proof is in the pudding."

    The prizes for the contest will be "several laptops," according to Ruiu. When he spoke to ZDNet UK, on Thursday, the security researcher was in Tokyo partly to organize a CanSecWest event and partly to go "shopping for laptops." Ruiu had not yet decided which laptops to buy, but said he was looking for something "new and thrilling."

    "We want the prizes to inspire lust amongst geeks," said Ruiu. "It's going to be something lustworthy."

    Last year the $10,000 prize money was supplied by security firm TippingPoint. This year's contest still needs a sponsor, and it is possible that the nature of the contest could still change, said Ruiu, although he declined to say what other form it might take.

    Tom Espiner of ZDNet UK reported from London.
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    mga idol...

    nice thread..
  3. Symantec

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    courtesy of dyowel yan...hehehehe...
  4. Unwired

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    ginamit nya katawan mo..hehehe
  5. zackxxx

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    salamat. buti may bago ng balita.
  6. klyster

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    parang alam ko na mananalo dyan sa security, linux na naman yan without a doubt, vista full of security hole, uhmm leopard, just like vista hehe
  7. Symantec

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    yup...aahh...aah.... hehehehhe....
  8. upgrayded

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    may result na ba ng contest na ito?
  9. Symantec

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    as soon as meron na sa zdnet, will post it.... parang wala pa eh....
  10. Laserion

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    maganda sana kung meron actual video coverage (youtube) para makita kung paano nila ginagawa..... kung linux, ano kaya mga commands ang ginagamit nila and anu distro........

    .......sana walang cheating sa result tulad sa mga tv networks..... ahihihi......
  11. klyster

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    Oo nga sana, sa linux, ewan lang kung anong gamit nila ngayon, dati kasi yung Yellow Box eh ang tawag nila, yung talagang Linux lang hindi yung mga distro

  12. Sana may video dyan para makita natin kung anong command at tsaka pano nila ginagawa pero I doubt Linux parin ang mananalo dyan :lol:
  13. klyster

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    kahit pikit mata linux parin talaga magrereign jan
  14. stanelope

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    wow pagalingan ng mga hacker yan ah. virus creator magaling ang mga pinoy. amf na ust scandal yan. sa atin ba talaga gawa yan.

    lakas mag 1up ni mario.
  15. klyster

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    oo dito yun, kung di ako nagkakamali sa batangas ang origin ng virus eh

  16. sa mac will put a a good fight..pero sa linux ako...ehhee...
  17. Poochini31

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    May Result Na po ba? Hehehe.. Pero parang Linux po mananalo dyan :)
  18. overbyte

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    Linux, pero they say that given a bit more time, they can also hack it. Technically the Flash exploit yung problem hindi yung OS. Contrary to what zealots say, nothing is secure :)
    Yes, linux can be hacked as simple as windows, pero black hats are good to cover up tracks.

    Someone said..."the difference between windows and linux is how many system logs the hacker has to worry about tracing him".

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