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  1. Looking for a THESIS PROGRAMMER?
    Gusto niyo bang pumasa sa THESIS at maka-graduate na?

    May mga system ako dito na READY-MADE na.​
    Taga-dasma cavite ang ako.​
    For interested parties only, you can text me at 09054535450.​

    Basic Package includes:
    • System (w/ source code)
    • tutorial on HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM
    • pag-upload ng system
    Types of Systems that I offer:
    • Online Billing and Reservation System Thesis
    • Online Billing and Hospital System Thesis
    • Online Sales and Inventory System Thesis
    • Online Enrollment System
    • Online CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) Thesis
    • Online Job Search and Application System Thesis
    Other details for interested parties nalang.
    I use PHP and MySQL sa systems ko.

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  2. can i ask pu is the online job application is still available?? email me pu at tnx pu:)


  4. how much pu??

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