The 1st ForexCup contest in 2013

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    [​IMG]LeadingForex broker FXOpen and ForexCup team invite everybody to open a newseason of contests on demo accounts and participate in the 1st competition of 2013!
    In the new season we will hold our popular contests “Profitable Week” and “FX Market Masters”again. Additionally, we will diversify competitions with regionalcontests and national Forex Championships! We are still in search fortalented traders, who will get a great reward of PAMM ECN account with $ 1000 balance in case of success.
    In 2013 trading will be conducted on ECN demo with 5-digit quotes in MetaTrader 4 (you can read more here) . In the future we plan to introduce the option of market liquidity depth and LEVEL II data tracking.
    We offer you not only evaluate all benefits of ECN trading, but also fight for the main prize – a place of a manager of PAMM ECN account with the balance of more than $1000. An entry fee in the contest is only $6 and there are 5 prizes in it. Also, all participants with profit of more than 10% will receive cash bonuses! Total prize fund consists of $5000 FXOpen sponsorship plus the sum of all entry fees!

    Trade and win this game!

    Join the contest right now!

    [​IMG] Rememberthat in order to participate it is necessary to have at least $6 onyour e-Wallet (the sum of an entry fee). You can deposit necessary sumto your account via any payment system. If you have some funds in your FXOpen trading account, you can move the necessary sum to your e-Wallet.
    Registration is available until January, 13. The contest will be held since January, 14 until February, 8 2013.
    Participants’ task
    Each participant will get $5000 on the1st day of the contest. While trading Forex, they must increase theirstart-up deposit. The trader with the biggest capital at the end of thecontest will become the winner.

    Prizes and bonuses
    1st place - $1050 + 70% from the sum of entry fees + bonus;
    2nd place - $225 + 15% from the sum of entry fees + bonus;
    3rd place - $120 + 8% from the sum of entry fees + bonus;
    4th place - $75 + 5% from the sum of entry fees + bonus;
    5th place - $30 + 2% from the sum of entry fees + bonus.
    All participants with profit of more than 10%, will receive cash bonuses. (A cash bonus amounts to 1% of received profit).

    Terms of the contest:
    · Entry fee - $6;
    · Registration is available until January, 13;
    · Date of the contest: since January, 14 till February, 8 2013;
    · A start-up deposit $5000 and a leverage 1:100 are provided;
    · Currency pairs: 49;
    · Lots:from 0.1 to 1 (One order can be opened with 1 lot maximum);
    · Maximum number of orders (including pending ones): 5;
    · Advisors are prohibited.
    - Instruction for registration;
    - FAQ;
    - Our forum.
    Bonuses’ limitations:
    -The amount of bonus for one trader cannot exceed $ 250;
    -The total amount of all bonuses in the competition cannot exceed$3500. If the budget is exceeded we will reduce the bonuses based on thedifference between the actual sum of all bonuses and our budget.
    Withdrawal of bonuses
    Bonuses can be withdrawn once you complete the requirements: no earlierthan in 30 days. Also you should make at least 20 trades of 10 minuteseach one;

    Withdrawal of prizes
    1. The main prize is available for opening a PAMM ECNaccount only. If you want to withdraw it, you will be able to do it in 3months and after 60 trades. All profit you can withdraw when you wantto
    2. Prizes for second, third and following places canbe withdrawn at any time, in other words, after receiving prize money toyour trading account, you can withdraw it through any payment systemavailable at FXOpen

    [​IMG]If you didn’t catch that particular contest, please, open the page “Competitions”, choose another available competition and apply for participation!
    Please, contact our online Support in case of any questions, connected with ForexCup.

    Good Luck!

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