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    I'm sorry kung dito ko nilagay yong thread ko,, ala kasi akong makita for this kind of thread kung san ko ilalagay. :cry: palipat nalang po kung d pwede :D

    hello guys,, I just wanna ask kung saan pwede buy ng 27dbi square grid parabolic antenna dito sa pinas? and have you tried this antenna na ba? Is it possible to use this antenna for long range AP like 10 to 14 km distance? The same lang ba sya sa SD19 parabolic antenna installation?

    Isa pa pala kung saan din pwede buy ng outdoor splitter so that i can use 2 antenna in one pole,, 1 is transmitter and the other one is receiver. Tsaka up/down converter din pala ( device used to boost 2.4 to 5.8 ghz). Thanks need ko is 10 antenna, 5 splitter and 5 up/down converter.

    Thank you very
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    the 24dbi grid antenna has a very narrow beam-width, it can achieve more than 14km, However; you must carefully calculate your Link budget, there are 4 major things you need to consider very carefully when deploying such distance.

    1. Radio Transmit Power.
    2. Radio Receive Sensitivity.
    3. Cable and Connector Losses
    4. Your Free Space Loss (for fading effect)

    There's a lot of tutorial on the internet about it.

    just google them.

    maski na gumamit ka pa ng 30dbi antenna pero kung malaking losses ang makukuha mo sa cable and connectors, tapos kung mahina pa ang receive sensitivity ng radio at mahina rin ang transmit power mo then maliit na distance lang ang ma-achieve mo and magiging useless din lang ang pag-gamit mo ng high gain antenna.
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    thanks sa info sir, hmm napakalaki kasi ng area ng palawan,, thats why kailangan talaga namin dito is to used higher gain antenna.

    sayang kasi dahil yong company namin is paying 5 E1 line to PLDT (2 mbps per E1 ) then fiber optic cable from Samart tower to main office ng company namin eh. ( aerial installation of fiber optic ) Kya yong company is planning to deploy the signal sa ibang rural areas pa ng palawan.

    BTW thanks uli,, consider namin muna yong 4 things na sinabi mo then we were conduct site testing muna siguro

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