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    Smart introduces 'Share It' wireless router powered by Bro / Telecoms / March 21, 2009


    MANILA, Philippines - Smart Communications Inc., through its subsidiary Smart Broadband Inc. (SBI), has launched the Smart Bro Share It, the country’s first broadband device built to enable multiple computers in a common area, such as a house, to have affordable and simultaneous but wireless, high-speed Internet access.

    “Desktop computers and laptops have become more affordable, and more families are now able to purchase them for use at home. Smart Bro Share It will allow them to fully and efficiently maximize the use of these computing devices,” said Danilo Mojica, head of Smart’s Wireless Consumer Division.

    Smart Bro Share It allows up to five computers, each given the option to be secured by the main user, to connect simultaneously to Smart’s nationwide HSPA network.

    HSPA is the latest evolution of the GSM technology and is likened to having the high-speed, cable broadband experience delivered right to a mobile device.

    Smart Bro Share It is available with a Plan 999 monthly subscription, which comes with up to 90 hours of Internet access, at speeds of up to 2Mbps in key cities in the country. Usage in excess of 90 hours will be charged 35 centavos for every minute.

    Initial cash-out for the 12-month subscription is P3,499, which includes the one-time payment of P2,500 for the device, plus the first month’s fee of P999. The monthly subscription fee is P999.

    Installing Smart Bro Share It is quick and painless, and instructions are available in every kit. Application for a subscription is likewise hassle-free, and interested individuals just need to present a valid ID with a current address at any Smart Wireless Center nationwide.

    “By increasing the broadband options available to our subscribers, and giving them the freedom and flexibility to access the Internet the way they want it, wherever they are, we hope to eventually position mobile broadband as the gold standard in connectivity,” Mojica said.
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    thanks for the news... i moved it to the frontpage...

    i wonder what key cities are able to achieved 2mbps speed...
  3. AaronICK

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    Sa totoo lang, hindi ko ito naintindihan. Ano kaibahan niyan sa standard router?
  4. JamesCooper

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    we have been sharing ideas related to you question, please visit and share your ideas: ... sc&start=0 ... sc&start=0

    ito yata ang kaibahan...

    "HSPA is the latest evolution of the GSM technology and is likened to having the high-speed, cable broadband experience delivered right to a mobile device."

    si master D ang may alam nito, nabasa ko na sa isang thread binabalita nya ito...
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    its a 3G Modem with Built In Router

    its similart to the Globe Wireless Broadband when it uses 3G as a connection... the only difference its that the SMART can share the connection thru its WIFI


    I'm not sure if its the HUAWEI B932

    like this one

  6. Latency

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    Instead of buying this you can share your 3g Connection in any Telco Network ( GLOBE/SUN/SMART)

    1. You need a laptop with WIFI CAPABILITY or Desktop with USB wifi Dongle with it.


    2.Go to your Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center.

    3. In the Tasks menu, click on the link “Set up a Connection or Network”.


    4. In the next window, select the option “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network” and click next until you reach the network name and security options.

    5.Type in the name of your new network and select the Security Type.

    Now you can share your wireless connection.

    * Another option is when you have a WiFi capable 3G phone, you can install JoikuSpot and enable internet sharing over WiFi too.
  7. JamesCooper

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    ... parang mas maganda ito...

    Buffalo Offers Nfiniti Wi-Fi N Router & Access Point
    Internet and Networking | Just Announced | Thu 02 Apr 2009
    as posted by Mod TechNix here:


    Manila, Philippines -- The Buffalo Nfniti Wireless-N Router & Access Point WHR-G300N is the ideal solution to connect your PCs and laptops wirelessly to the Internet. It is best suited for the home and small office environment. It is perfect for streaming multimedia content, such as HD movies or music, lets you download images or send and receive e-mail from multiple PCs simultaneously. With speeds of up to 300Mbps, the Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless Router and Access Point is ideal to upgrade an existing wireless network, providing greater speed and coverage than Wireless-G.

    Features And Benefits

    • Designed to 802.11n Draft 2.0 specifications
    • Wi-Fi Certified to insure compatibility with other certified devices
    • Wireless connections up to 300 Mbps
    • Greater coverage compared to standard 802.11g
    • Easy Setup with AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS)
    • Enhanced multi-level security with WPA2, WPA-PSK (AES, TKIP) and 128/64-bit WEP
    • Simple Web Browser configuration, no drivers needed
    • Includes external switch to change between router and access point modes
    • Built-in 4-port Ethernet auto-sensing switch for up to 4 simultaneous wired connections
    • Supports QoS - WMM Wi-Fi Mulitmedia

    Buffalo is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, contact Andrea Lee-Victoria at 688-3744, email, or visit

  8. Connecting your Smart Bro Share it to a wireless router will cause high monthly bills cause your connection is metered and an active internet connection does credit in your bill even if you're not using it as long as you leave the unit plugged and on. The standard plan 999 is still the best deal. A non-wireless connection like DSL is even better.
  9. duhwho

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    As per last website.. Share it is now Unlimited

    then they also have Dongle type also Unlimited
    for 1,500

  10. Can it be shared through wired LAN?
  11. striker16

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    unlimited na ba talaga or metered?
    kaka apply ko lang kasi alst month nung 17,
    pinili ko ung plan 999

    so lugi mas maganda yung "SHARE It"

  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    iba kasi ang smartbro canopy 512/512 sa smartbro 3G share it...

    ang unlimited ng share it is 999 plus with 3G router modem...

    pero my unlimited din sila na 1500...

    canopy ka ba or 3G?
  13. striker16

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    as of now master duhwho canopy to eh, un nga eh change plan ako sa share it, modem nalng babayadan kasi my down na ako na 999 para sa 12 month nung bill ko hahah.

    oo nga pla master 512kbps din ang uplaod diba? d kasi ako aware sa canopy kaya d ko nakita nilagay nilang settings until nung nag dota ako, lag sila sa host ko tapos speed test ayun 200kbps lang ang uplaod :evil: .

    kaka receive ko lang nang reply nang customercare nang smart bro and hindi ata binasa mabuti ang sabi ko ung upload speed ang my problem.

    ang sinasabi marami daw factor kaya daw bumababa ang download speed pero uplaod naman ang ask ko :wink: .

    any method nga pala di ko talaga ma access ung canopy, kung may bayantel alng dito sa province nag bayantel nalang ako sayang yung termination fee ko na 3000 pesos sa manila badtrip :oops: .

    Thanks po.
  14. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    dapat sysmetrical.. 512 DL and 512 UL.. kung mababa 200 UL ka.. baka nga naka set ang QoS nila sa Canopy mo sa 256...

    na set mo na ba sa 169.254 or sa 10.20.30? para malaman mo ang IP you can use ESN calculator kunin mo lang ESN ng canopy pero kung nasa bubong na.. hehehe mahirap na akyatin.. pero the best way is to use ARP Capturing Packet.. like Ethereal or Wireshark.. i set mo lang ang capture sa ARP only.. then hayaan mo ma read nya ang ARP.. from there you can see a lot of broadcast ... the only way to know your canopy IP is to look for your IP address and then look for to which is broadcasting.. yan ang canopy mo... 10.xx.xx.xx or 169.254.xx.xx

    not the nor the

    ingat lang dami kang matutuklasan hehehehe
  15. dyoddyowel

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    ano ano naman yung matutuklasan master d? hehehehe... share mo naman sa amin... hehe...
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ang pinakamalakas na baril hehehehehe
  17. striker16

    striker16 Member

    thanks try ko to Etherea ,

    about sa 10..... na try ko na lahat nang method eh, eto pa problem even yung quick fix nila d ma detect ang antena :p

    ayaw din nung method na arp -a ba un. basya alam nyo na yan ahha.

    recent reply nila tatawag nalng daw pero assure ko daw na hindi nila kakalimutan ung problem ko. mga 3 na bayan ata yung pina ka main office nila dito sa province eh ehehhe nan doon ung technician nila.
    siguro mga 1+ hour away sila ahhaha. thanks ulit master. update later :p

    enter successful !!!!!

    yahoo master salamat talaga. pag di ka aware sa computer di mo malalaman.
    hindi lumabas actual ip adress ang lumabas LLDP_multicast.
    tapos ung hex nya medyo magaba *.*.*.*.*.*
    so lumabas 10.*.*.*.*.* nag trial and error ako eliminate ko ung 2 and 3. then pray ayun thank God naka pasok ako.
    saka kaya ko nalaman na yan palang LLDP ang titingnan, nabasa ko anme nang misis ko dahil sakanya naka pangalan hahah.

    ngayon eto po ang tanong ko.

    MA dedetect ba nila yung settings na gagawin ko?
    may pangalan kasi saka address yung canopy settings + contact number! kaka takot naman kawawa naman misis ko kung mag ka taon LoL.

    so far default settings parin wala akong binago. thanks ulit master duhwho the best ang wireshark. corrupted ung unreal ba un pag dl ko eh.

    note: kung try nyo to please make offline change to 10..... ip address kasi ang daming lumabas grabe. baka pag d nyo stop mag 1 billion ang result kayo din hahah.

    thanks ulit..... sana maka pag reply ka kaagad boss duhwho

    UPDATE: 2

    naka default na sa QoS
    yung settings na

    sa tower na ata to oh sa server talga nila. need to wait nalng talaga sa tawag nila....
  18. pepspeps

    pepspeps Member

    Anyone can confirm this? tnx!
  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    hehehe buti naman nakita mo agad ang IP.. gamit ang packet capturing hehehe

    dehins nila madedetect ang changes walang log kasi ...

    as for the QOS settigns... yup ok na yan.. pero pag ganun pa rin nasa tower na.. pero check mo stats mo..

    ensure that jitter is between 1-4 only, and that the RSSI is not much higher than 55-dB

    if you go to scan the AP.. look for the current AP.. ensure the REGFAIL is either 0 or 1.. para stable..

    now if you can re-scan find an AP that can provide better jitter...
  20. striker16

    striker16 Member

    teka anu to? :p

    cge try ko sa settings hanap hanap haha. malas hindi na tumawag kainis. may naka sa lubong akong smart broken kanina na van kala ko samin na ppunta lumagpas ppunta sa daan ppunta samin hays.... :evil:

    di ko ata makita yung AP saka RSSI

    Jitter = Actual: 2 Min: 1 Max: 6
    Transmit Power Setting : = 26 dBm ( di ko sure kung eto ung RSSI LoL )
    Registered AP : = 0a-00-3e-ff-10-e7
    Power Level : = Actual: -68 dBm Min: -77 dBm Max: -62 dBm

    so yan munang info na yan hahah.

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