Smart conducts first LTE trial in RP, reinforces broadband

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  1. nabuto

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    Smart conducts first LTE trial in RP, reinforces broadband leadership

    4G ng Smart

    Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications marks another industry milestone as its network played host to the first network trial in the Philippines using 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

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  2. 1337.807

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    Amazing thanks for informing us. Smart pwns Globe again.
  3. genexide

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    another new technology.. but they still cant improve their wifi and 3g services..
  4. oisilener1983

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    Sana nga mag 4g na tayo
  5. Latency

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    capped 4G speed lols ... Smart cannot even get a good 3g speed
  6. josekym

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    ^^Hahah. True that. They only achieve ideal speeds during advertisements.

    Anyway, AFAIK Wimax is also a 4G technology (the other being LTE). The true benefits of both are yet to be realized at the consumer end, IMO.
  7. Abrinor

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    nice to, khet tig 5 Mbps per user pwede na ^_^ asa naman sa 30-50 Mbps presyong ginto!

  8. I have a feeling when it becomes available they will cap the speed to 512kbps like Globe did with their Wimax 4g.. sucks eh..

    Also read the bottom of the article:

    "The network components of LTE are designed to be scaleable and modular. This means the company can slowly introduce LTE technologies over time, without disrupting current services." <<<< wlang capital para ma upgrade nila ang mga towers to 4G immediately...i guess magdudusa muna tayo for such a long time using the pathetic unreliabe slow Smart 3/3.5G.. grrrrrr
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