Sky DSL offers first ever 24 Hour Quick Service Guarantee

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    Sky DSL offers first ever 24 Hour Quick Service Guarantee

    Sky DSL, the broadband Internet service of BayanTel for residential subscribers in Metro Manila, is now offering a 24 Hour Guaranteed Quick Service commitment that includes an attractive rebate package.

    BayanTel vice president for Metro Manila retail markets Rodrigo Montinola said: “When we launched Sky DSL, we emphasized on the speed of our installation and speed of access. We were also the first in the market to offer a 5-day free trial as a means to encourage take-up of the service. But at the same time, Sky DSL has always been committed to provide quality Internet connection to our subscribers and the 24 Hour Guaranteed Quick Service serves as an assurance to our subscribers that we will continue to deliver the most reliable broadband connection at all times.”

    BayanTel is the first to offer this service guarantee commitment for DSL subscribers in the industry, which BayanTel can similarly claim to its 24-hour guaranteed quick response with rebate program to its landline subscribers.

    The 24 Hour Guaranteed Quick Service program shall also be extended to BayanTel DSL subscribers in households and small and medium sized businesses at all points of presence nationwide.

    Under the 24 Hour Guaranteed Quick Service, BayanTel is committed to restore SkyDSL connection problems within 24 hours that the problem is reported. A rebate of P500 for each day beyond 24 hours will be offered to subscribers until such time that the connection is restored. The maximum rebate amount will be equal to the monthly recurring charges and will be deducted from the subscriber’s bill.

    Mr. Montinola added that BayanTel is focused on being the only telecommunications service provider that offers quick and measurable response times to customers as a competitive edge in the market.

    “We have been successful in giving fast response times to our customers in our fixed line business and we believe we will also deliver the same results to our Sky DSL subscribers.”

    “While price or promotional activities may be a factor in acquiring new broadband customers, we believe we can also gain an edge in the market by offering fast and reliable broadband connections, fast installation and fast response times for service concerns.”

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