Six More Months For Windows XP

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  1. grassRoots

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    Six More Months For Windows XP

    Given its history of moving deadlines at a moment’s notice, it hardly seems surprising that Microsoft is keeping Windows XP alive even longer than expected, but its latest move looks particularly bad for Vista. The apparent decision to allow OEM computer sellers to offer disks that downgrade installations of Windows Vista to XP until the end of July next year clearly bumps up against the period when Windows 7 might be released.

    Partners originally had up until January 31 2009 to provide the Windows XP Professional recovery media with machines running Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate. Now they have until July 31, 2009. Microsoft had previously said it would end the scheme next January, but the continued lack of demand for Vista appears to be behind the change of heart. If the move is confirmed, it’s yet more bad news for Vista, as XP users may have the option to skip the unloved OS entirely and move straight to Windows 7.

    Goes to show you the customer is always right - there is no need to kill XP even if Vista is around.

    Source: Techradar
  2. klyster

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    XP is still a seller, so they can't kill it.
  3. stanelope

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    tsaka napakalaki ng system requirements ng vista dapat nga meron pa silang irelease na windows xp sp3 na CD... un nalang sana iimprove nila... bundle na pati ung ie7 at wmp 11...
  4. pmcastillo

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    By this move, Microsoft is simply killing Vista... ANyway lose to lose situation and Microsoft:

    1.) I-close ang support - There's a high rate na lilipat sila sa MAC or LINUX.
    2.) I-open ang support - Babalik sila sa XP

  5. jaczmar

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    this might happened....

    b4 system reqmts sa isang game : win98 win2000 XP
    ngayon mapapansin mo, winxp and vista na lang
    darating ang araw windows Vista at windows 7 na kailangan
    wait tau :)
  6. Poochini31

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    at kung sa susunod ang gaMe ay pede lamang sa Vista or 7, Makakagawa ulit ng bagong emulator ang mga programmers LOL
  7. klyster

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    Sana nga ganun, pero come to think of it, it is not just software compatibility but hardware requirements as well, what if the hardware of tomorrow can't be supported by our beloved XP, then there is no use of creating an emulator.
  8. Unwired

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    @Poochi, actually meron na ang Halo at exclusive lg sa Vista, kasi DX10 lg.
  9. Ominous

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    Thank the OEM providers and the downgraders for giving XP an extended hope. :D
  10. Latency

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    Reasons Why Windows Xp wont DIE

    1. UMPC
    2. Intel Atom
    3. VIA C7-M
  11. fuehrer

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    if games don't run on your system then crack it :evil:

    anyway regarding sa what if XP does not support future hardwares

    ... what if Windows[Microsoft] cannot communicate with future hardwares

    it is the hardware developer's that controls the market not the software


    amp ....nauuna ba ang games bago ang console... ciete
  12. klyster

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    Wow a classical IBM Thinking

    "It is not the software that makes money in this industry but hardware"

    May point ka nga dyan, pero if I am the hardware developer, hindi lang basta ganyan yan, we have the so called "Trending" on the industry, but as always dynamic ang trends, on both systems, Scaled IT Industry(Server) and Client/Home and End Users, but we also have the so called "Trend Killer" in the industry, Software from the past years really dictates this, software becomes the basis of the need or requirements of the clients that controls the hardware specifications, but the very wise marketing strategy for hardware developers, is to broaden their support and compatibility
  13. tong2x_

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    nagpalit ako bagong cpu quad core tapos 4GB and ram only to know na 3GB lang pala ang supported ng winxp 32bit. dapat daw yung 64bit para magamit yung 4GB. hehehe nag 3GB nalang ako. sayang yung 1GB kung hind magamit. ayaw ko naman mag 64bit baka mahirap maghanap ng drivers
  14. lordmight

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    promotor amp :roll:

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