Ships to repair damaged undersea cables

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by louiemsp, Jan 3, 2007.

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    yung target nung mga spammer yung mga general topics, mukhang bots lang ang mga yan.

    kainis talaga, lalo na yung mahahaba.
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    What Firewall you using?

    What firewall you using?
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    sa mga dslamers wag na tayo magpost any messages dito sa topic na to. kasi the more na nakikita nila na may nagpopost na iba the more na naglalagay sila. yaan na natin mamatay tong topic na to. sana wala na magpost. tignan natin kung effective.

    my last word sa mga spammers BULLSHIT KAYO!!!
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    Re: Wholesale Distributor

    o really?who was that?
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    yes nandito na si dslmaster. si symantec nominate ko sia moderator. active user kasi sia. :D go symantec!
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    pag tumakbo ako for office,kunin kitang PR officer ha...hehehe....


    Duhwho for president,assistant lang ako...hehehe...
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    Re: What Firewall you using?

    ito ba spammer?di nasama sa mga nabura eh....
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    sige sige :D
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    hehehe....joke lang yun....sakit sa ulo yun bro! hehehe....
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    taken from ... 33073.html

    New damage, bad weather delay Asian Internet repairs
    January 17, 2007 - 9:50PM

    Newly discovered earthquake damage to undersea cables and bad weather could delay the complete restoration of Asian Internet services until next month, telecom officials have said.

    A spokesman for Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom said engineers had found new damage to cables servicing China, putting back repairs by about a week.

    "As we are short of direct transportation between Taiwan and the mainland, it will take four or five days to transport the needed cables from the mainland via a third place," a company official told AFP Wednesday.

    The official said he expected repair work on the cables, damaged by a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake on December 26, to be finished by the end of January.

    "But I cannot say for sure because bad weather may hamper the continued work. It may add uncertainty to the work," he said.

    Hong Kong officials also warned that poor weather could delay repairs well into next month.

    "Due to inclement weather conditions and the extensive nature of the damages caused by the earthquakes, the latest status is that the first stage of the repairing work of the damaged submarine cable systems is expected to be completed within the second half of this month," the Office of Telecommunications Authority said in a statement.

    It said the rest of the repairs would be completed by the middle of February, if weather permits.

    The Boxing Day earthquake snapped several international telecom cables, sparking widespread communications disruption in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and elsewhere. Knock-on problems occurred as far away as Australia.

    Phone calls and Internet connections across the Asia-Pacific region were affected by the quake, which rocked left two people dead and at least 42 injured in Taiwan.

    The epicenter was 10 kilometres (six miles) under the sea, 57 miles from Taiwan's southern city of Kaohsiung.

    Eight repair boats have been sent to the waters between Hong Kong and Taiwan to tackle the complicated task of fixing the damaged fibre-optic cables, the Chunghwa official said.

    Currently nearly 95 percent of the Taiwan's telecommunications capacity has been restored although access to some foreign websites remains slightly slow, he said.

    Hong Kong's telecoms authority said major Internet service providers have recovered about 80 percent of their international connection capacity.

    In China, web access has remained sluggish compared to before the earthquake.
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    well,there's nothing we can do about that! we just have to wait i guess!kakainis naman!
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    bakit gustong gusto ng mga spammers tong forum na to?
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    punyeta.. :evil:

  15. Hmm, dapat man lang may rebate tayo throughout the times na di maganda ang service :(
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    bayantel does give a rebate...PLDT ba hindi? alam ko meron din....
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    will be locking this thread as it keeps spammed by robots.
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