Request a Demonoid Invitation Code here [Part 2]

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by friday13, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    mga mods nakikita namin kung ilan online duration ng mga members

    5 Weeks, 0 Days, 08:46:19

  2. Do i have to log-in to lurk around the forum? I mean i can still browse the forum even if i'm not logged in right? I use this site to look around for news and some helpful tips regarding internet connections and etc. Mabilis maexpire login dito sa forum. Anyways, thanks sa code, you know who you are. ^_^

  3. ^
    you still have to log in even just to lurk around the forum.

    even thou you just want to read post's.. 8)

    but anyways..i do sometime lurking even im not log-in.. :D
  4. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    caloy is right..

    so you get what you want..having an invite in demonoid.. you told this from your previous post. Anyways, thanks sa code, you know who you are.

    if is it true prove us that you always lurking in this site.. increase your post counts with posting with sense. help others here in forum and always log in even you're just lurking.. if 2 months from now your total online duration is almost still the same and same as your post count..
    i can call you one of those many hit and runners here in PDSL..

    kaya ko lang ginagawa to.. para maiwasan natin ang hit and runners dito sa PDSL..

    krav3n i challenge you.. prove me na hindi ka isa sa mga hit and runners dito sa PDSL.. always to log-in cause don natin makikita kung lurker ka nga talaga.. prove me wrong sa lahat ng hinala ko sayo..

    and lastly read my sig. :D
  5. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    para po sa gusto magbigay ng mga invites ng demonoid.. review po muna natin ang profile nila.. wag tayo basta basta magbigay ng invites.. para maiwasan natin ang hit and runners. thanks..

    repost ko lang yung post ni friday sa 1st page.

    What is Demonoid?

    Demonoid is one of the most popular torrent tracker on the net. If you want to know more about demonoid visit

    1. Registered pinoydsl member, 2 weeks old with at least 50 posts
    2. Torrent client ratio must be 0.80 or above with at least 20GB Downloaded / Uploaded
    3. Original Screenshot of your PinoyDSL profile in the background with the torrent client showing it's stats in the foreground.

    To the inviter... if a member meet the requirements please send the invitation code thru PM

    If you want a Demonoid invitation, please post it right here ONLY, any new or similar demonoid invitation request will be deleted or locked.
  6. myap007

    myap007 Member

    @greek pasilip naman bro kung gaano na katagal ang babad ko dito. curious lng hehe...

    @ topic oo nga hwag basta basta lng mag bigay ng codes. hayaan mo kung tamad sila magpost o kung hinde nila kaya ma meet yung requirements. problema na nila yan. dadami hit n runners nyan dito pag tinolerate nyo...
  7. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    eto po: 6 Weeks, 4 Days, 02:55:54

    para sa ibang wag nyo po personalin yung pagiging mahigpit ko sa mga ganto kasi before na experience tlaga namin sobrang hit and runners dito sa PDSL.. kya friday and i and sa tulong na din ng ibang members dito gumawa kami ng rules na to para maiwasan na ulit yung pangyayari before.

    mga ka PDSL trabaho lang po.. walang personalan.. heheh... :D
  8. myap007

    myap007 Member

    tama lang yan. mabait ka pa nga e
  9. igorot

    igorot Member

    tagal ko na hindi nag to torrent ah, musta na kaya demonoid? mabisita nga
  10. Warlock1981

    Warlock1981 Member

    DEMONOID is opening its registration now.

    sa mga walang pang account, hurry up... :)

  11. bilis bilis bilis bilis
  12. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    tama hinala ko dito.. hit and runner siya.. walang nagbago sa TOD nya.. don't give me the excuse na hindi ka nag log in.. i told you before na mag log in ka.
    i only bumped this thread para mapatunayan ko na hit and runner tong member na to. :D

  13. mga tol pede pa ba ako humabol ng invite sa demonoid?
    my 16 post nko d2 sa site pero matagal nko d2, di lang ako pala post..
    kaso 17gb palang download ko sa bitorrent ko.. pero hahabulin ko yun 20gb, sana pede pako humabol jan, gusto ko kc magkaaccount sa
    thanks, and godbless all..
  14. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Demonoid opens it's doors very frequently, just wait for it here in this thread.
    you can also check my thread for invites:
  15. pmcastillo

    pmcastillo Member

    And this is what happens to us.... May tao na dadating, tapos magpapaka-"awa effect" or magbibigay ng mga iba't-ibang reasons... Tapos pagbibigyan natin... and what's the result?

    Naaabuso lang tayo...

    Kaya in my part.... I'll stick to my post count policy, whatever reason (or alibi) he/she may have (ex "Good Seeder naman pu ako eh, and active naman po ako sa forums eh, bago lang ako dito")...
  16. keviNyU

    keviNyU Member

    demonoid's been down for months already :( but if it goes up again then message me here so i can give you an invitation code, hope the old accounts won't be deleted/modified/altered etc
  17. speedshred26

    speedshred26 Member

    I have been invited by one member of another forum site before and all I can say is there's nothing much special about demonoid. Its just a torrent tracker or sharing site and I can even dl those movies there in free open sites like with a good ratio for DL/UL. If I were you guys, why do you have to waste your time getting an invite or a code to get access to demoind when you can have any torrents in there somewhere... I even know a way how to get torrents from demoind without having to login to the site...
  18. friday13

    friday13 Member

    I will lock this thread temporarily because demonoid is unavailable
  19. friday13

    friday13 Member

    Demonoid is back online.

    You may now request an invitation code and make sure you read the requirements before requesting.

  20. friday13 pwede pa invite sa demoniod

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