prolink h9200 modem/router to asus router setup

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by sirokmangga, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. mga masters,
    panu po configuration para magawa kong modem itong prolink h9200?

    kasi routing and bridging mode po sya, sabi nlia dito sa forum e dapat gawing bridge lang daw sya, para maging pure modem. kahit i-reset ko sya e, ganun pa rin, nk-router mode pa rin sya, d ko rin maintindihan sa manual nya.hehehe

    please help me po mga digitel users na ganito ang modem. kung meron mang simple configuration po pls. ano po set-up/configurations nya.

    help po, para magamit ko ang router ko, mas stable daw ang connection pag gagawin lng na modem itong prolink h9200 at may external router.

    mraming salamat po.
  2. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Hi, I am using a Globe supplied modem for my PLDT DSL legacy PPPoE connection. I have a PPPoE dialer running on my external Edimax BR6204Wg router. I use the Edimax BR6204Wg because kayang kaya niya ang heavy torrent use.

    Here is a snapshot of the H9200 modem main status page. As you can see only one ATM VC is active and it is set to bridged.

    AFAIK, when you reset the H9200, several VC are initialized but only one is active. You have to enable the right VC. This VC must contain the right VPI/VCI setting for your digitel connection. My PLDT connection VC uses the 0/100 VPI/VCI.

  3. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Here is the quick configuration page:


  4. h9200

    basta po gayahin ko na lang po yung quick configurations nyo po...

    ung encapsulation is 1483 ip llc
    vpi 0
    vci 100
    bridge enable
    default route disable

    then commit and reboot.

    pag may mali po, e ill just have to reset, tapos babalik na sya sa default settings nya di po ba...

    sana magawa ko.

    maraming salamat po sa tulong nyo po... :lol:
  5. motion55

    motion55 Member

    I am not sure kung 0/100 ang digitel. Hindi ata. Parang 0/35 or 8/33. Check the original settings of your modem. On the enabled ATM VC (8 lahat yan) na may PPP dialer, change the encap to 1483 with bridge enabled.

  6. prolink h9200

    .... di po gumana, error daw, kaya rest ko ulit h9200.

    sinubukan ko palitan, encapsulation 1483 ip llc, enable ko yung bridge, disable router,..

    wala na pong net.hehe

    to motion 55, eto po ang system view po..

    i hope maturuan at matulungan nyo po ako..

  7. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Dapat delete mo ang ppp-0 interface. On the main status page, click on the link to ppp-0. When you get to that page, click on the trash can icon for that interface.

    This ppp-0 is causing the modem to dial even if you are already bridged. Once the H9200 modem stops dialing, then your Asus router should be able to connect.

    Also, you might as well delete the ipoa-0 interface because it using resources even if it is not needed.

  8. e2 po sulution sa router asus at h9200 series

    e2 po ang solusyon sa ROUTER ASUS rx3041 AT H9200 >>click nio lng po ATTACHMEN KO ^^ sana nka2long me salamat po.. gudluck


  9. what is the default admin password of prolink h9200

  10. Yeah, want to know too.
  11. kaoin99

    kaoin99 Member

    its password
  12. arlanne2

    arlanne2 Member

    anybody knows the default username ang password of prolink h9200?

    pls post here thanks..
  13. klyster

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    try this set of user and password (fomat: user:password)

    admin:{blank passowrd}

  14. the default password is
    Digitel's VCI/VPI is 8/35

  15. guys, may PPPoE pa ba yung sa inyo?

    bridge mode lang dapat diba, tapos commit ko lang? then ilalagay ko na yung static ip, gateway at subnet sa lancard ko kung di ko gagamitin yung router? nung 1st try ko nito, ang error eh DHCP not enabled in lancard. ano po kaya dapat kong gawing setting sa prolink?

    pasensya na po, di talaga ako marunong sa networking.


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