Prolink H5201 to bridge mode

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by Erich, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. dati po kasi yung luma kong modem(Prolink H9200AR) na ka connect sa router ko (TP-Link WR542G) though bridge mode ay nasira (nabagsak ata or something) na pinalitan naman ng digitel ng bago yung Prolink H5201 na black tapos nung ibabalik ko na sa bridge mode ung bagong modem eh laging webpage not available yung nalabas kahit sa ibang part, pati na yung diagnostics eh yun lagi ung lumalabas. sinubukan ko sa ibang browser at pinalitan ko din yung LAN cable niya eh ganun din yung resulta... help please!!! kasi kailangan ko yung wifi for my other devices/gadgets aside from my laptop... tnx for the advice!!!
  2. josekym

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    So the modem was not originally in Bridge mode?

    You could try hard-resetting the modem to defaults, and re-configure it again...

  3. yes its not originally on bridge mode... i already tried hard-resetting pero ganun pa din eh...
  4. josekym

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    Hmmm... That ain't right... Hard reset should have sorted it out.

    What browser do you use to access the web GUI of the modem? Try using IE as much as possible when configuring web GUI's which appear finicky. Also, clearing your Temp Internet files, history, cookies, etc. may help...
  5. chilanggo

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    set ageing time to 300
    disable spanning tree
    apply changes

  6. yup i've tried IE8 done some clearing but then it asked me the username & password. i've entered "admin" & "Password" but the same thing happens that it displays "cannot display webpage" message and oh i've hard reset the modem before doing those things you said. tnx!!! But is there any more alternatives??

  7. can't change settings as that is my problem. as soon as i hit apply the browser(IE8) displays "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message, never even reached the commit/reboot page... tnx!!! but is there any alternatives???... or my modem has a problem but its new and not more than a month old...

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