PLDT moves to dominate dial-up Internet market in RP

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    PLDT moves to dominate dial-up Internet market in RP

    DOMINANT carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has launched an aggressive campaign to control narrowband dial-up Internet access in the country.

    The company said that its new dial-up service called Vibe 99 offers 99 hours of Internet time for only 99 pesos.

    Butch Jimenez, head of the PLDT retail business group, said this move is intended to attract Internet subscribers who cannot afford its broadband Internet service.

    "Our move can only be good for the public. It will give our subscribers affordable access to the internet," he said.

    PLDT said it expects to capture over 50 percent of the local narrowband business following this new offer.

    It added that the aggressive move will also complement its dominant position in the broadband DSL (digital subscriber line) industry, where PLDT controls over 80 percent of the market.

    "Our strategy is to capture the narrowband subscribers since they will form the foundation for broadband subscribers in the future," Jimenez said.

    The PLDT retail business group expects to double its data revenues to two billion pesos in 2005, the executive said, following the introduction of aggressive pricing schemes.

    "Our DSL broadband business is growing at an even faster pace than last year despite strong competition. With our new initiatives in narrowband, we expect our total data business to provide significant growth in total revenues to the company," Jimenez said.

    Asked to comment, a top executive of local dial-up Internet service provider Pacific Internet Philippines was unfazed by PLDT's announcement.

    "We still need to analyze the impact of this move on our business. However, the proposition of PLDT's Vibe has been there but it has not been able to take out local ISPs providing dial-up services," said Jojie Yap, president of Pacific Internet Philippines.

    Yap said that PLDT move was "something expected" but Pacific Internet, in particular, is not afraid because its dial-up business has been operating for some time.

    Pacific Internet is one of the top ISPs in the country.

    Posted 01:56am (Mla time) Feb 14, 2005
    By Erwin Lemuel Oliva

  2. 99 pesos a month for 3 months I'd say... Keep up on misleading your customers...

  3. Hindi panga 99 hours eh, its only 30 peak hours and 270 off peak hours for the first three months (P99)

    after that, 220 a month for 70 peak hours

    mura narin, kaso nakakagulat kc iba dun sa 99 hours for 99 pesos.

    Yup, i dont even know where the 99 hours came from. 99++ hours nga ung ibang posters (which is correct).

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