PLDT is Breaking its Contract

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by alray10, Jun 6, 2006.

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    oh really I am, gush what the heck your little mind is doing concocting some ideas that best befitting you.

    oh crap.. who said we dont want to evolve, we are stating the fact that we are going there we are not stalling, for a statiscally and logical for you back then our 2,500 is only 128kbps but now is 768kbps so we are evolving and upgrading, we understand them, buying DOLLAR COST technology is a not a cheap game, they have to undestand the market first they have to see if the DOLLAR they invested would yield RESULT. And yes they continue to upgrade their SYSTEM despite the DOLLAR and by no means like i said we will have a cheaper broadband.. you know what my 899 pesos a month was just 192kbps last year and now its 256kbps with SOD features meaning doubling the speed to 512kbps. and again its a sign of improvement we may not be fast in improving but we are improving... the problem with you, is you keep comparing hongkong as if hongkong was built over-night.. no hongkong was not build overnight and in fact hong kong was not a STATE.

    see you yourself wont believe that our network would be great in the next 2 years... so do you think our network would be great if hongkong broadband network was just 5 years old? do you think everytime hongkong upgrade we can upgrade.. you yourself wont belive.. and please hong kong is not a STATE... dont be proud of hongkong who once back by British EMpire.. and in fact why not go their instead of whinning over our capacity to deliver. See the point here, we know we still not yet improving but it doesnt mean we are not doing. good grief how much is HK $ to US $ compared to Pesos to US$... just like i said when ASIAN MARKET becomes ONE and Philippines, CHina, Japan, SIngpaore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnaman etc would have 1 currency thats the YUEN i think that the time you judge us on our performance, but as of now dont judge us when our Pesos is not powerful as the dollar.
  2. duhwho

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    yeah you can say that again, its all started when I just presented my dissenting opionion regarding the Republic Act of PLDT Franchise stating that DSL is not part of franchise. However, PLDT can be sued for other law such as Consumer Protection, E-Commerce Act, and Telecommunication ACT.

    but it boils down to HK analogy. heheheheheh oh well, philippines become synomous to HK which is not even a country or a state.

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    Yup.. definitely non-sense.. I just posted some replies just for the heck of it.. so boring here.. so might as well have some fun.. hehehe..
  4. raldz

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    Oh yeah? Mmmm.. maybe your wife will sooner or later put poison in your food, too.. or maybe her relatives? Who knows, maybe only your money is important.. just a speculation...
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    hehehe, in our country murder is still "immoral" and illegal. I don't know about Europe or the western world though.
  7. duhwho

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    oh btw, thanks to China, Taiwan and other Asian countries that help us to have cheap technology yet quality.

    From DSL Modem to DSLAM that's why Bayantel is on the bridge to raise 30,000 subsriber base base on the news.

    And thanks to NTT Docomo for their 3G and forthcoming 4G.

    Thanks to Hutchinson Global, NTT-Asia, Asianetcom for having a link between Philippines Island to the rest of Asia.

    And thanks to China and Japan sooner we will have one market block to compete agains Euro and US market block.

    who said we are happy and content... and i believe you have the problem reading the whole story. We just not like you whinning and try to judgemental and use Hong Kong which again even not a STATE and a Country.


    hehehe count me in...
  8. raldz

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    Com'on man.. get yourself straight.. there's no such thing as second hand software.. maybe you should do a little reading of the License Agreement of MS.. it's illegal to redistribute an already purchased software.. man, it's look like you're unknowingly pirating MS software..
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    hehehe. you may be right. every year, the case of women married to foreigners whose husbands die mysteriously is increasing. these women usually go back to their countries to marry one of her own race.
  10. alray10

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    Oh so why do all your wifes smile at me behind your back, why do I have so many filipino women married ones as well as single ask me to sleep with them and they don't want money they just want a real man, from what they tell me your all to small where it matters most.
  11. alray10

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    WOW 30,000 how many people live in the Philippines.

    Microsoft stopped legel action against people pirating 95 two years ago.
    But to all you hard up filipinos microsoft does pay a reward if you inform them of any business using pirated XP or 2000. So if you find internet cafes or any other company doing this contact Microsoft for your reward.

    You told me I should have not give up a business there I should have altered to suit what your county could provide maybe I will come back make a living out of reporting internet cafes.
  12. alray10

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    It was you that said the Philippines will be on par with Hong Kong in 2 year I never talked about Hong Kong till then.

    So will you have 1 GBS internet going into 220,000 house in Manila in the next 2 years YES or NO if no your argument falls down and is not true.

    Dunwho I am changing my mind maybe its not PLDT and companiess like them that keeps you third world its idiots like you. I thought you were clever people in the Philippines. I hope dunwho is not the norm.
  13. alray10

    alray10 Member

    Excuse me I believe you still have the death penalty what if this if it is not murder.
    The bible that you all seem to follow so much says thou shall not kill but your legal system allows killing.
  14. raldz

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    Well, it's alright, you can have them.. because most Filipina who goes for British guys, are rejected by Filipinos.. I have seen a lot of British guys here in the Philippines, but I haven't seen anyone of them having a beautiful wife (in Filipino standards).. those girls that Birtish guys like are what we call "EXOTIC BEAUTIES".. so as not to offend them if we say that they are ugly.. well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you think they are beautiful, then go ahead and f***k them.. we don't care.. they are "REJECTS" in our standards..
  15. alray10

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    You cant read ever I said married women not just single are you tell me your wifes are rejects.
    You married them but they come to us because they want something that you can only give half of what we give them.
    Yes its your wifes that want us to lay them.
  16. alray10

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    But you dont want foreign companies in you want it run by Filippinos don't you realise when it is all one market it means any company can set up in any other country in that market.

    Your arguing against me but you want the same thing as I do.

    When god gave out the brains he was one short I guess someone had to miss out I feel sorry for you.
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    stop your delusion old man. the women you slept with aren't filipinas... they're Aetas. LOL :lol: and you know what filipina women say about your people especially the ones as old as you? they say you can't get hard long enough to make them happy, your poor winkies are like trampled eggplants when they are needed. that's why they want to poison you LOL :lol:
  18. duhwho

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    wow how many dollars do bayantel has... again dollar is not cheap in the philippines...

    oh you never talk about hK by comparing it speeds ... i never brought out Hongkong if you never brought that up either...

    thank you for changing your mind, at least we know how your real mind works. If im idiot... then what are you? superior idiot or let say a term yet to be identified by a shrink that much worst than idiot.

    another case of idiotic mis reading my point... but then again who am i to further argue im just wasting my energy typing and explaining.

    one market one currency.. so we dont really need dollar or money since singapore and the philippines has one currency.. so in fact im really againts you.. thats why i go for one market so we wont rely on your dollar put in...

    hmmm, look who's talking..... im feel more sorry for you
  19. raldz

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    Great! of all the things that you posted in this forum, this is the only one that makes sense to me.. I would be very thankfull if you would report all those users of pirated Windows.. This would be a good break for Linux and Open Source Advocates like me... I'm been helping around shops and friends to migrate to Linux for free.. and if you will do this, I would be very thankfull.. I was thinking about this a long time ago, but I don't want to be an asshole doing this to my fellow Pinoys.. Now that you volunteered, then it would be nice if you would be the asshole..

    Now I figured it out why there was this Bombings in London.. you British guys are pure assholes always messing around with other people's lives and other countries' businesses.. I would not be surprised if one day there would be another bombing in London, because you just wont stop messing around with other people's lives.. And to prove how you British guys loves to meddle with other people's affairs.. just take a walk around London, there are cameras all over the place.. why don't you mind your own business?

    Can't you read between the lines? Or are you too dumb to know it anyway? "YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE ANYMORE"

    Go find another forum that suites you.. maybe this one is better for you:
    alray10's forum..
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    let me ask you another question alray10... is this wife of yours a filipina or a filipino? have a nice day mr. elton john...

    P.S.: ten years later, you'll become too old and if i, a young 6 ft tall half caucasian will stumble across you both, she (if your wife is a woman) will smile at me behind your back LOL :lol:

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