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    source : GMAnews/business

    No NTC approval, no Digitel deal – PLDT

    08/18/2011 | 11:53 PM

    Philippine Long Distance Co. (PLDT) will be dropping its plans to purchase controlling stocks of erstwhile competitor Digital Telecommunications Phils. Inc. (Digitel) if regulators do not come out with a decision by Aug. 26.

    In a text message to GMA News Online, the telecommunications firm’s regulatory affairs and policy head Ray Espinosa said PLDT's senior management fully agrees with and supports the position of Manuel Pangilinan, the group's chairman.

    “Just like any deal, you have to go by a certain timetable," Espinosa said.

    “There is no serious deal that is open-ended in terms [of] time. Timing is important," he stressed.

    The PLDT executive was referring to the long-awaited decision of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the regulatory body tasked to approve such kinds of transactions.

    The NTC concluded its hearings on the joint application of PLDT and Digitel for the approval of the P69.2 billion share-swap deal between the two firms on July 18, but exactly a month had passed and the regulator has yet to come up with a final decision.

    PLDT lamented that it had to push back its own deadline for the conclusion of the deal twice because the NTC proceedings had dragged on longer than expected.

    PLDT had earlier accused Globe Telecom Inc., the chief oppositor to the deal, of employing delaying tactics to stall the progression of the NTC hearings.

    “A cursory examination of Globe's allegations reveals that they are utterly bereft of merit and are obviously intended to prevent the [NTC] from proceeding to receive the parties' evidence," PLDT earlier said.

    Espinosa, meanwhile, did not disclose if the other party to the deal, JG Summit Holdings which owns Digitel, has been made aware of PLDT's decision. — MRT/VS, GMA News

    - advantage or disadvantage kaya ito to consumers especially sa mga DIGITEL subscribers???

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    hintayin ko kung matuloy ito at kung talaga mag improve ang broadband ng Digitel kase ngayon sa umaga lang maganda ang connection pero pag dating ng hapon hanggang gabi naku! gapang na ang pag browsing, yung mga games sa facebook hindi na kayang mag load...
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    any update sa deal nato? wala na kase akong makitang update sa kanila...

  4. next year na daw 1st month of January doon makikita ang improvement sabi ng digitel na 2mawag.

  5. sinarado ni pldt lahat ng bussiness centers ni digitel... ang hirap ng magbayad at mag inquire sa mga digitel customers....
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    ^depende sa area :)

  7. sa
    saang area me bussiness center ang digitel na pwede magbayad at mag inquire?
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    ^may mga kilala pa ako na naka digitel at nakakapag bayad naman sila ng mabilisan.

  9. saa

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