Philippine broadband providers eye SMEs

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    Philippine broadband providers eye SMEs

    (Businessworld via NewsEdge) Competition among telecom companies in the Philippines has extended to the high-speed broadband service with both PLDT and Globe targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

    While it has yet to come up with an advertising campaign to specifically lure the SME market like Globe, PLDT projected that by yearend, it will have 80,000 broadband DSL subscribers, most of whom are Filipino entrepreneurs.

    The company has 55,000 subscribers and it gets about 1,000 new subscribers a week.

    "Our objective is not only to dominate the SME market, but also to support the business needs of the SME. More and more, we see the importance of broadband access to the growth of an SME's business, and we want to be a part of their success," said PLDT Retail Business Group Head Butch Jimenez.

    Broadband provides faster connection at relatively low rates. It also allows Internet users to communicate real time.

    PLDT, which has various broadband offerings, claims it controls 70% of the SME market nationwide.

    "We are encouraged by the strong demand for broadband by the SME market. This means that our SMEs see the need to get wired," Jimenez said.

    from: Telecom Asia Daily

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