Pfsense + Squidguard (how to manually blocked sites)

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  1. patchacker

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    Nakita ko po sa cache.log, normal lang po ba ito?

    2012/10/24 08:40:44| WARNING: url_rewriter #3 (FD 15) exited
    2012/10/24 08:40:44| WARNING: url_rewriter #2 (FD 14) exited
    2012/10/24 08:40:44| Too few url_rewriter processes are running
    2012/10/24 08:40:44| storeDirWriteCleanLogs: Starting...
    2012/10/24 08:40:44|    65536 entries written so far.
    2012/10/24 08:40:45|    131072 entries written so far.
    2012/10/24 08:40:45| AUFS: /var/squid/cache: log closed on FD 24
    2012/10/24 08:40:45| WARNING: Closing open FD  21
    2012/10/24 08:40:45|  Finished.  Wrote 181103 entries.
    2012/10/24 08:40:45|  Took 0.1 seconds (1556549.7 entries/sec).
    FATAL: The url_rewriter helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!
    Squid Cache (Version LUSCA r14850 patched: chudy r14): Terminated abnormally.
    CPU Usage: 0.916 seconds = 0.392 user + 0.523 sys
    Maximum Resident Size: 66644 KB
    Page faults with physical i/o: 0
    2012/10/24 08:40:48| Starting Squid Cache version LUSCA r14850 patched: chudy r14 for amd64-portbld-freebsd8.1...
  2. d'joedanger

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    whitelist = is a list or register of entities
    allow = permit, grant

    hmnn... ang katungali nyan is "deny", "block"

    site = im sure isang url
    sites = maraming url

    tama ba :D

  3. Sa palagay ko hindi yata clear yung post ko. Situation kasi is that for some reason or another when I activated the Squidguard and denied porn site nasama yata sa group nito ang "SM " supermalls wherein an individual would log-in to his/her account but was not able to open his/her account that he/she was previously was able to open prior to the blocking of such. Funny but true perhaps due to the SM word which might have somewhat a resemblance to the blocked site, so my question should have been how to make this site an exception to the said rule without turning off this rule?
  4. Janbjorn

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    OPENDNS po sir

  5. ^Ok let me try that
  6. josekym

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    ^^We previously had the same situation. Our solution was to put the affected SM website on SG Whitelist.

  7. pwede po ba lagyan ng schedule para hindi ubong araw blocked ang site ng p0rno? :)

  8. Yes. Add to squidguard time schedule

  9. sir baka pwede makahingi ng screenshot tutorial kung paano sya gawin ayaw kasi gumana kahit nag set na ako ng time pero na aacceess pa rin kahit anong oras ung p0rn site. salamat po.
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    mahirap yan panay may clorox :D

  11. Deeza bakit po ayaw na magload ng maayos ung ko? kahit naka allow na lahat? kahapon kase tinest ko ung blacklist at redirect mode sa pag inaacess ang youtube at facebook, so nagok. tapos ung gusto ko na ulit iallow, sobra bagal at ayaw magload ng facebook page. thanks po sa makakatulong...

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  12. ahahaha oo nga eh dapat sa gabi lang.. nag rerequest kasi mga suki ko pag dating ng hating gabi baka daw pwede lagyan nalang ng time kung anong oras pwede mag open ng pampalakas... ahahahaha :D

  13. Backread ka lang follow josekym #25 reply on previous post

  14. salamat dito mga master

  15. salamat master at masubukan nga...
  16. sa-joedy

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    niloloko mo naman ang sarili mo sir
    look at your screenshot naka block ang socialnet ;)
  17. patchacker

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    paano po ba i-edit yung url_rewrite_children sa Proxy server: General settings
    ->custom options? Pag save po kasi at restart balik ulit sa default eh. Balak ko sanang gawing 20 from 5 yung url_rewriter. Salamat po....
  18. josekym

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    ^^You have to edit the following squidguard file: /usr/local/pkg/ and modify the REDIRECTOR_PROCESS_COUNT variable accordingly. This will make the setting permanent even if you re-apply the filters. The setting goes back to default if you update or re-install the SG package later, so you have to edit again.
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  19. patchacker

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    nakita ko na sir, in my case andun po sya sa /usr/local/pkg. Salamat po
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