persi0.sys virus ba o file galing sa deepfreeze?

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  1. cORnviTz

    cORnviTz Member

    mga sir virus po ba ung persi0.sys? kc po dun lng sa may nakainstall na deepfreeze lng sya lumalabas eh, nagoogle ko n un sabi ng iba virus sabi nmn ng iba file un galing sa deepfreeze,
  2. Warlock1981

    Warlock1981 Member

    On Windows 2000/XP DeepFreeze consists of several important filez:

    There are 2 drivers and 1 service

    DepFrzLo.sys (kernel driver)
    DepFrzHi.sys (filesystem driver)
    dfservex.exe (service)
    frzstate.exe (password dialog)
    persi0.sys (password file and "on/off switch") This file strangely
    becomes over 7MB immediately after installing DeepFreeze
  3. cORnviTz

    cORnviTz Member

    thanks sir warlock, kala ko virus n eh hehe
  4. Warlock1981

    Warlock1981 Member

    welcome, sya kac handle sa pssword file

    kapag mag boot thawed/thawed ka ng PC.. :)

  5. Pano po iuninstall deep freeze? La po icon, di din gumgna ung ctrl shift alt f6. Tia

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