Pano magpunta sa configuration page ng static ip modem?

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by nanski99, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. nanski99

    nanski99 Member

    I'm using a prolink dsl plus modem, ung black. Di ako makapunta sa configuration address na Patulong naman, salamat!
  2. migs

    migs Member

    and daming reasons kung bakit di mo ma open ang management console ng modem, can you provide more information?

    what is the assigned ip address of the pc you are using?
    can you ping the router?

  3. hmm

    ako rin, hindi ako makapasok dun. sinubukan kong iping yung router pero request timed out. nakastatic ip ako, yung green na router gamit ko.
  4. jerwin

    jerwin Member

    Kailangan ibalik mo muna yung settings ng TCP/IP mo back to Obtain IP address and DNS automatically para maging yung IP address ng PC mo pero mawawala nga lang yung internet access mo BUT your access to the modem page will become available.

    Another option is you can set your TCP/IP using 2 IP addresses, one is the one provided by Digitel and the other is putting a with subnet mask of IP address where XXX can be a number from 3 to 254. This way, you can still access the Internet and at the same time, you can still access your modem page. ... 000xp2003/

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