NTC to pilot e-rule making system in VoIP, 3G rules

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    NTC to pilot e-rule making system in VoIP, 3G rules

    THE NATIONAL Telecommunications Commission will use the country's first electronic rule-making facility to facilitate the development of regulations for voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and third generation mobile services (3G).
    The system's simulation is scheduled this month, cyberlawyer Claro Parlade, executive director of the Cyberspace Policy Center for the Asia Pacific, told INQ7.net.

    Developed with help from Asia Foundation and US Agency for International Development (USAID), the e-rule making facility, features an online chat facility, a message board, and an online system designed for work groups.

    “I'm not aware of any similar facility in Asia right now,” Parlade said, adding that NTC was chosen as the pilot agency but that the e-rule making facility can also be used by other agencies.

    The Cyberspace Policy Center aims to help government in the exercise of rule-making using technology, he explained. Similar systems are now used by the US Federal Communications Commission.

    Posted 02:46pm (Mla time) May 08, 2005
    By Erwin Lemuel Oliva

  2. hmm, for voip, but the public hearing (voip) was at May 3, 2005. Kinda late?
  3. Neo

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    thats the nature of pinoy... always the good one's come late... :lol:

    its me,


  4. is this means VOIP is now good to go?

    is this means VOIP is now good to go? legal?
  5. tong2x_

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    it means they will be "starting" to make it legal (or at least create the rules). who knows maybe 2-5 years from now VOIP will be legal for the small players

  6. may nabalitaan ako, nanghuhuli daw ang Digitel and other telecom companies ng mga gumagamit ng VOIP!?(in bulacan ata, 50 phonelines ng digitel ginamit ata sa VOIP) totoo ba to?! kala ko hindi pa sya tlga natuturing na against the law!?
  7. tong2x_

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    I think it is legal for personal use but not for commercial use.

    ang hindi ko alam kung pano yung sa Mozcom na "free" voip daw. hindi sya commercial pero hindi personal use.

  8. digitel is a PTE (Public Telecom Entities) and PTEs are ALLOWED to SELL VOIP as a SERVICE (per the 2003 Voip Guidelines of the NTC)

    mozcom is NOT selling it PER SE so parang loophole narin. haha

  9. thanks for the info bro, pwde ba mag apply ng VOIP sa digitel, ganun ba?

  10. yeah ganun na nga. kaso im not sure if digitel is selling voip.

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