Next Intel Chips Will Have the World's First '3D' Transistors

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    Next Intel Chips Will Have the World's First '3D' Transistors

    For the better part of a decade, Intel's been working on a new transistor technology that would allow them to continue shrinking CPUs, while delivering ever greater power. Simply making transistors tinier, however, was no longer enough. At a certain point, electrons started to leak across transistors, making the CPU's less efficient and effective. However, with Intel's new '3-D' Trigate technology, Intel has overcome a significant barrier. PCMag has the full story, plus a critical explainer on nine things you should know about Intel's breakthrough.
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    kailan naman kaya susunod si AMD:cool:
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    Balita ko sa AMD hindi daw 3D...
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    ano daw?
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    Patented ata ng Intel yong Tri Gate. bibili ng license ang AMD or mag kakaroon ng agreement, pwede rin cross license sa mga patent nila.
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    Pwede rin... Anyway both has vision on multi-gate processing, each will try to create a better solution, and fully utilize parallel computing

  7. 3d.. medyo Familiar... I thought I saw that in some old science magazine many years ago... now gagawin na nila.. hehehe
    timing yan pag papalitan ko na tong pc ko... out na sya... hehe ..

    maybe someone will come up with QUAD gate transistor hehehe.... 30% more area than trigate... hehehe...

    welcome to never ending upgrades... hehehehe

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