New Promo of BayantelDSL (Business Package)

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  1. Leila

    Leila Member

    New Promo Of BAYANTEL DSL (Business Package)

    Big investments require consistent NET profits and Bayantel DSL is here to help you attain this by providing you with the most reliable DSL connection for your business. Now much faster and available in six speeds!

    Get a FREE BayanTel phone for 2 years if you subscribe to any Bayantel DSL NetBasic, NetValue or NetPremium packages!

    PACKAGE - SPEED PRICE Free Static IP's
    NetBasic - 1024kbps - P3,000.00 - Up to 4
    NetValue - 1024kbps - P4,500.00 - Up to 8
    NetValue - 1536kbps - P6,000.00 - Up to 12
    NetPremium - 2048kbps - P8,650.00 - Up to 16
    NetPro i-Cafe - 128kbps - P 2,750.00 - Up to 16
    NetPro i-Cafe - 256kbps - P 4,100.00 - Up to 16
    NetPro i-Cafe - 512kbps - P.6,850.00 - Up to 16
    NetPro i-Cafe - 1024kbps - P11,850.00 - Up to 16
    NetPro i-Cafe - 2048kbps - P22,750.00 - Up to 16

    Prices are exclusive of VAT, OTC / Installation Cost(P1,999).

    All packages include FREE Upgraded Email/Webspace (350-5GB) & your choice of a .ph Domain Name.
    Our NetPro i-Cafe package is specially designed for internet Cafes and similar businesses that demand high internet bandwidth!

    To learn more call or text LEILA at 0918-2851219 or
    0919-5011537 or email us at
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ayan si Leila hawak na rin niya Biz DSL nang Bayantel..

    PM niyo si Leila

  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    nga pala lei ano ang pinagkaibahan nang mga package sa isa't isa aside from the price, kasi meron same speed but different price.

  4. tagabukid

    tagabukid Member

    number of free ips yata. applicable din ba yan dito sa mindanao? or certain areas lang?
  5. raldz

    raldz Member

    If I am a Net Cafe owner.. why would I want 16 static IPs? when 1 or 2 external IPs are ok?
  6. tagabukid

    tagabukid Member

    ewan. voip maybe.
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    kaya ask ko lei what makes one differ from the other... di ba hehehe

    before kasi alam ko CIR, pero dont know if that still use as basis...


  8. bayantel

    we are using pldt sa shop pero lagi kami dc. Balak ko kumuha ng bayantel na 1.5mbps na promo nila sa residential. ok ba yun to support 20units? Or i need to get the business plan na kbps lng? Pls help me. malaki kasi yung speed for residential plan kesa sa business plan. tnx!!!
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    mag netbasic ka na lang 2,699 and 3,000 has ony 400 difference...

    netbasic kasi may CIR ... that way you can make away sa CSR kung bumagal ka hehehehe,,,

  10. Meron po ba sa angeles city ng bayantel at ilan days para makabit? pls help
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    i heard comclark cable internet is ok in pampange...
  12. Leila

    Leila Member


    CIR pa rin ang pinag-iba ng isa't isa,
    Net Basic 1:16
    NetValue 1:8
    NetPremium 1:4
    Net Pro 1:2
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ah ok thanks for the clarifications

    bakit ngayon ka lang balik?

    nga pala leila... bakit ganung bill ko 384 na ako.. pero speed ko 240-250 pa irn huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
  14. goodlooks

    goodlooks Member


    Available na ba yan sa boracay?
  15. Leila

    Leila Member


    may problem pa po kasi mga facilities natin ngaun eh. Lalo na ng mga nakakaraang bagyo. Some nasolve na, some hindi pa rin. With regards po sa mga technical problem si 4112000 pa rin po ang mkksagot jan.


    Sa pagkakaalam ko po wala pa po sa boracay. Sa mga provincial po ang alam ko meron sa Cebu, IloIlo, Leyte...
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    wala pa si milenyo ganito na speed... naka ilang beses at tawag na ako sa mga engot sa 4112000 hehehehe

    wala pa rin


  17. lakay77

    lakay77 Member

    dapat nga ayusin nila.kasi ako din tumawag at nagrereklamo sa bagal ng speed,at nagupgrade na sila sa bill ko.
    buti pa sa bill ko tumaas na 386 aang natatanggap ko eh below 200 lang
  18. upscaboy

    upscaboy Member

    saken nga mas mabilis pa ung net basic 512 kbps ko kaysa net pro 512 kbps ko.1:2 nga ba talga ang net pro?
  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    hehehehe wag niyo nang pansinin CIR hehehehe

  20. pangit mg residential if for buss tlg ..n try ko n..dc lge..bad trip..ok n ung net basic..
    ask ko lng leila..isa lng b tlg ip address pg net basic? nmn..

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