New Bayantel DSL Business Package

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by bridge, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. parirami

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    New Bayantel Business package

    Hi guys, I checked... available din daw to sa manila.
  2. duhwho

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    alam ko maraming speed package ang net premium


  3. inquiry

    sana maka rating na to dito sa amin sa Dipolog CIty,kasi dalawa lang ang provider dito

  4. i have just subscribed a bayantel dsl business package. I got NET PRO the speed is 128kbps for 3080 pesos pero nababagalan ako someone told me NET BASIC is better for 1024kbps worth 3360. ano ba mas magandang package basic or pro? ano advantages and disadvantages nila?
    HELP !!!!
  5. duhwho

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    back then there are 4 types of business packages

    Net Basic : CIR is 1:16
    Net Value: CIR is 1:8
    Net Premium: CIR is 1:4
    Net Pro: CIR is 1:1

    so your 128 net pro has a CIR os 128.. you might feel it slow because the speed is very low however base on their CIR, you will never get a speed below 128 during high-volume of traffic...


    if that is still the case....

  6. which one is better for you? net pro 128kbps or net basic 1024kbps? during peak hours what will be the speed of net basic 1024kbps? I subscribed this dsl line for gaming purposes and for me it is slow. i am thnking of upgrading my package into net basic 1024kbps?
  7. duhwho

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    I go for netbasic 1024 not unless you can afford net pro 1024..

    since net pro 128 is 128 i mean it wont burst....unlike net basic 1024 although its only a burst speed but most often you always get 80-95%

  8. ritchy626

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    Is the website playing on me?

    Is this possible?

    Ping | Traceroute | Speed Test | Thursday June,22 2006 12:42: am

    Download Speed Checker
    The result of this meter is affected by :
    how fast your internet connection is,
    your browser , and
    your CPU.
    To get the best result, please refrain from doing any other internet activity while doing the test.
    Please note that this page is cached by the browser, if you want to re-test it, you must hold down ctrl (in IE) or shift (in Netscape) when reloading!

    Your download speed is: 87654.4 kbps

    28.8 kbps dial-up
    33.6 kbps dial-up
    56 kbps dial-up
    128 kbps ISDN
    384 kbps DSL
    768 kbps DSL
    1000 kbps DSL
    1500 kbps DSL/Cable Modem
    87654.4kbps Yours

  9. bkt kme netbasic nka bundle dn pero 3000 lng?..pra san ung 300?

  10. bulok bayantel..sbe 3k smen 3600..300 dw vat 300 dw phone..e kla ku b bundle?..taz mi libre phone p dw.asa..hmp!!!
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    Hi. Newbie here. Nice forum you've got here.

    Ito yung sort of 'contract'/ terms na binigay ng Bayantel Legazpi sakin regarding the 'new' biz package. Kinuhanan ko ng pix kasi wala akong scanner :lol:

    Di ko alam bakit ang hirap mag open ng mga simpleng webpages under Net Basic 1024 pero pag warez sites... mabilis! Kahit yung Yahoo (wap) page na mainly text lang page contents ang bagal mag load kaya madalas nagpapa 'port refreshing' sa 181 (ei reset modem bla bla bla)

    Baka sadyang pang download lang ng torrents and warez to. :lol:

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