Need help on setting Prolink H5201 to bridge mode (from Digitel)

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by tenderfoot09, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Hi every one...

    I just want to ask for you advice regarding my set up. I need to set up a remote access on a CCTV(Kguard) using a Dlink DIR 600 router and a Prolink modem/router from digitel. I already have set the right port forwarding settings on my DVR and for the router, set the ip of the dvr to, and also created a dns server. Locally, I can access my cctv using the ip that I gave to the dvr, also from the dns (http://********* But upon checking it out site the system, I only get the prolink user interface when I type the domain that I created (without the :1012/ and didn't get anything when I include the :1012/)

    Second, I read about changing the mode of the prolink modem to bridge mode instead of router mode, but when I do this, I loose my internet connection. I already set up the same system but using the Zyxel modem from PLDT as my ISP instead of the prolink from digitel, and it seem to work fine. What do you think could be the reason for this??? Any solution??? Thanks everyone in advance!
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    Gawin mo muna is to make the Internet connection work with the Prolink in bridge mode, and the DLink doing the routing. Once you can do that, then do the port forwarding and DDNS on the D-Link para sa DVR mo.

  3. So you mean Sir, try ko muna yung instructions nyo on configuring the Prolink into bridge mode on itself na di pa connected yung router? Thanks alot po!
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    ^^No. Set mo yung Prolink as bridge mode, para sa DLink mo ma-host yung Internet connection mo. So it is MODEM (ETH) <--> (WAN) DLink ROUTER (LAN) <--> (LAN) PC.

    Kapag nagawa mo na yung connection na ganiyan, then just connect the DVR LAN cable to the router LAN port (or switch connected to the router LAN port) and assign it a static LAN IP address for the port-forwarding thing.

  5. Sir, can you give me the process on configuring the Prolink router to bridge mode? Kasi po, when I tried changing the content of the ATM VC table (1483 Bridge), nawawala po yung internet connection ko? What could be the problem Sir?? Thanks alot po!
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    ^^Mawawala talaga yung Internet connection mo, since setting the modem-router to bridge mode turns it into a modem only, and you'd need to do additional steps in order to get an Internet connection up. Kasi nga, naging modem lang yung Prolink and it will not be able to "login" normally to the Digitel network (i.e. login with PPPoE username and password) without external help.

    So, if your DSL connection uses PPPoE, you have to make your DLink router do the PPPoE Dialing after you set the modem to operate in bridge mode.


    1) Completely set your modem to bridge mode and observe that it "Synchs" properly (i.e. the ADSL LED should be established)
    2) Configure your DLink router WAN port with the PPPoE login credentials and DNS entries previously used by your modem and connect the ethernet cable of the modem to the router WAN port.
    3) Connect the PC to the LAN port of the router and login to the web GUI ng router. Check the status page kung connected na siya sa Internet. You should see some IP specific details there (i.e. your WAN connection details).

  7. Sir, good day po ulit!! double problem.. I asked for the assistance of digitel regarding my case. Kasi the last time, I hard reset my Prolink modem. And it turns out, nawala yung iternet connection ko, even binalik ko na sa original setting yung ATM VC table nya. So when the guy from digitel came, he just replace the Prolink to a new modem, which is a ZTE ZXDSL 831II, meaning another set of configurations...My God! I asked the digitel personnel of the connection that I have, and he said we're using dynamic IP. The same thing, when I try accessing the external IP thru IE, it only prompts me to the ZTE router page. So Sir, is there any posibility that I can remotely access my CCTV?? OR how am I going to solve the conflict between the two routers (Dlink and ZTE)?? I'm loosing my hope here, really frustrating.. hope you can help Sir, and sorry for bothering you.... Thanks alot!
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    Is the new modem in router mode? Can you access the admin pages on it? The configurations you need to do (i.e. port forwarding) are about the same.

    Alternatively, you can still access your DVR externally by:

    Method #1: Configure your ZTE and put the DLink on the DMZ. Your configuration should be LAN-Internet style (i.e. cascading 2 routers).
    Method #2: Avail some static public IP's from the ISP and assign one to the DVR and one to the ZTE or DLink. This may involve extra costs on your part.

  9. @tenderfoot09....lupet naman ng nangyari syo sir....bakit pinalitan pa ng digitel tech ung modem mo na far as i know pag na reset mo ung modem babalik lang naman un sa factory mode di ba config lang naman mangyayari or set sa ppoe authentication..unless na sira na talaga firmware....

    anyway since na replace na ng bago modem same config lang naman as sir josekym mentioned earlier ,.

    -Better directly connect mo muna modem sa pc (bypass mo muna router} then access mo modem gui set to bridge mode and save changes....pag naka bridge na meaning ung ppoe or un/pw authentication is wala na sa modem mo .....then you can connect your router and access router gui then set mo na ung router sa ppoe para cya na mag ca carry ng authentication un/pw .....

    note; once na set mo na modem to bridge mode di mo na maacess gui nya...unless i reset mo ulit w/c goes back to factory settings.

    So it is MODEM (ETH) <--> (WAN) DLink ROUTER (LAN) <--> (LAN) PC.

  10. Sir Josekym, good day! Another question po ulit regarding this old problem.. Dynamic po pala yung connection ko. Since, pag naka-bridge mode nga po yung PL, nawawalan ng internet connection, (only 3 LEDs are working, without the internet LED.) So in that case, what should I do po to bring the connection up po?? And how should I know if it "synchs" properly?? Many thanks po!
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    Do you have another router? If your modem is already in bridge mode, then you'd need another router to host the Internet connection and do the necessary port forwarding.

    What you do is to define the Internet connection parameters as usual on the WAN port of the router and connect the LAN cable of the Prolink there. Then, do the port-forwarding and DynDNS management stuff on the router. Connect the CCTV device to the router afterwards.

  12. Thanks for the advice Sir, though can you help me with the internet connection parameter?? I'm still confused with the configuration on the Dlink router part... Can you give me a detailed way to set it up? I think my IP is dynamic, since every time I reboot the Prolink router, the ip keeps on changing, and no need for me input any user name password to use the internet.. Though, in the prolink interface, I can see there is two mode, PPPoE and rt1483 as default setting, that's why I'm quite confused if it's PPPoE or Dynamic IP. Sorry for asking too many questions Sir, I'm totally new with this... I really appreciate your help! Thanks alot ^^
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    PPPoE and Dynamic IP are not mutually exclusive. PPPoE is mainly for authentication.

    Can you show a screenshot of your modem WAN interface on the GUI?

  14. [​IMG]

    it goes something like this... just got this from google, but but the table looks exactly like this one. (can't access the modem GUI, i'm not at home right now..) What info do I need to set up the parameters on my DLink Router?? Thanks Sir ^^
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    ^^Naka PPPoE pa rin yung modem mo kung ganiyan... Notice na nasa PPPoE interface mo yung Internet address of your connection.

    You have to delete all the ATM VC entries and re-define the 1483 bridge as the only entry on the VC table to make the modem completely bridged.

    Before doing that, you must know the PPPoE credentials of your account, and then define the same on the WAN connection of your intended router. Better ask Digitel about the credentials, if you don't already have it. From that shot, yung username naman is "digitel", so I guess baka generic account lang gamit nila on your modem?

  16. OK, I understand Sir.. Dyan ako confused, if I'm using Dynamic or PPPoE. My apologies, newbie ako Sir ^^..
    I'll let you know kung naayos ko na po, how this one work.. I think generic nmn po, both user name and password are using digitel-digitel... Anyway, thank you so much Sir!!

  17. Hello po mga Sir, tanong ko din lang po, meron po kasi akong Digitel Prolink H5201 na modem/router. Kailangan ko po syang i-connect sa isang Dlink Router para ma-access ko po ang server using Remote Desktop.
    Ok po dati ang setup ko at ilang months ko na syang nagagamit until nawalan ng connection ang Digitel at pinalitan nila yung Digitel ADSL Modem AAA na ginagamit ko. I have a static IP, and i wish to configure the prolink 5201 to bridge mode. Upon checking, it is not using PPOE or any authentication. It uses the FIXED IP option under the WAN IP Setting on the WAN Interface. VC=35;NAPT=enabled;LCC and MERC also selected.
    I've already tried to use it as a router and convert my DLINK to a switch, and in doing this, portforwarding will be applied on the Prolink 5201. Sana po matulungan nyo akong magawang bridge mode po ito. kung hindi po talaga kaya, yung second option ko is to portforward using Prolink 5201 pero hindi ko din po mapagana. I've tried searching google for couple of nights now,... wala pa rin po. Patulong naman po! TIA!

  18. @shinjiboy11

    Mag aral ka uy..wag kang tanong ng tanong.use your brain not your mouth.

  19. @Kian - Sir medyo matagal na po yung post... na ayus na po. Salamat po sa payo! Tama po kayo!

  20. I have the same problem before with digitel prolink h5201 and encore router and I was able to access my dvr only when I reconfigured the modem to bridge mode for a while and then I am unable again to access my dvr and static ip as well. A senior technician visited me and reverted my prolink h5201 to pppoe settings and then I was able to ping again my static ip. The digitel technician told me that their system do not support bridge mode of their modems, it will just be ok temporarily but when their system logged my bridged connection settings, I will no longer access my static ip? That is according to the digitel technician! So I'm back from square 1! Can someone from the group verify this situation whether he's correct or not? And suggest any solution other than bridge mode. Thanks in advance :)

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