Need Help: How to configure Prolink ADSL modem to static

Discussion in 'Digitel DSL' started by nanski99, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. nanski99

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    I have a static IP, but when Digitel's network broke down daw last sunday, a tech came and reset my modem for dynamic ip. Ung mga kasabayan ko nawalan ng connection last sunday e meron na, nagagamit na nila coz their modem was not modified to dynamic.

    I might have dsl connection already, but i still can't use it dahil di tama ang setting for static ip. That means i have to wait for digitel to send a tech to configure the modem properly, and i'm sure it will take forever. I want to do it on my own, but i don't exactly know how to do it using the 192.168.X.X address nila. Can someone guide me thru? Maraming salamat sa magrespond. :)

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