Microsoft sneaks out piracy detection software

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by ojpd, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Yeah with geniune ms software you'll get all the updates for free without going through the processes warez users go through..
  2. j4l4ni

    j4l4ni Member

    genuine software is good but u need more money to buy.. ang mahal pa naman. hehe

  3. anti MS validation is already around the web..grab em now and still enjoy the MS udpates :p
  4. genexide

    genexide Member

    ako nakakuha ako ng pang WGA...
    hanapin nyo lng sa appz...
  5. raldz

    raldz Member

    ang pangit na ng Windows.. ang dami na problem.. buti na lang I use Linux.. I still have Windows doon sa luma ko computer.. pang games ko lang.. yun lang naman silbi ng WIndows sa akin eh.. games.. the rest of productivity ko is based on Linux.. and I have no problem at all...
  6. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    problema yan ng mga pirated
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    oo usually pirated ang maraming problema. Nung pirated ang gamit ko cguro mga 5x a year ako magreformat.

    Genuine ang gamit ko ngayon umaabot ako ng isang taon bago magreformat.
  8. raldz

    raldz Member

    Nope, mas maganda pa nga ang pirated compared sa original, walang WGA problem ang magandang pirated copy.. Ang may malaking problema is yung mga original or genuine copies ng windows.. try mo mag reformat at mag reinstall ng windows, and the next thing you will get is calling MS support and asking again for a valid cd key.. masyadong hassle, genuine na nga ang copy mo, pag bibintangan ka pa na nag pirate just becuase nagkaroon ng problema OS mo and you need to reinstall Windows..
  9. raldz

    raldz Member

    Think again.. the only difference ng VLK na Windows na pirated, is CD Key.. nothing more.. The reason kung bakit bihira ka na mag reformat is siguro natuto ka na sa mga pagkakamali mo dati.. ganun naman eh, the more na aware ang user, the less na ma compromise ang security ng computer.. I still think that Windows is inferior, I'm using Linux for 3 years, walang anti-virus, walang firewall, pero wala akong problem.. Talagang sa games ko lang ginagamit ang Windows, parang pambata kasi ang dating nya sa akin eh..
  10. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Well I think everybody would agree that Windows is still the best OS when it comes to games... Compromising an operating system's security or stability is usually not the fault of the Operating System but is due to the ignorance of the user...

    Para sakin I dont think a person will encounter that many viruses or security exploits with almost any linux distro since bihira lang naman may gumagawa ng kalokohan para sa linux.. If a specific flavor of linux isnt open to the public and was in the number one spot instead of microsoft the mass majority of idiotic, lonely genius losers that make viruses would target that said linux flavor.

    It's just not worth it na gumawa ng virus para sa isang OS na di naman ganun kadami ang user base tapos iba iba pa talaga flavor.

    Sa tingin ko isa pang problema ng linux is kulang talaga sa games and it's still not for the ordinary user.. If it had more games it would level things abit but still.. Windows is more or less point n click while in linux there is always the possibility of using a terminal window where you have to 'sudo' or other commands to execute in the terminal.

    If the masses were more like raldz or the other technical people here then Linux would be a great place to be.. Pero that's just not the case. People want simplicity and user friendliness and windows is far more the better candidate for these wants.
  11. raldz

    raldz Member

    It's a matter of marketing, well funded and marketing ng Windows, kaya super mahal din siya.. imagine, paying 8000 pesos for just the OS, wala pa Office yun.. add another 12000 for the office suite, then 20,000 na.. OS and Office pa lang? While sa Linux, you get it free, with 18,800 FREE software sa repositories niya.. which is also POINT AND CLICK na ang installation, so, which is a better deal?

    Nauna lang inintroduce ang Windows sa schools, kaya mukhang mas madali ang Windows.. pero take for example yung 7 yr old na pamangkin ko, I introduce her to Linux, she loves the games in Linux, and kapag sawa na siya, she asks for permission to add games.. and I will tell her.. "Click mo yung ADD REMOVE tapos hanapin mo GAMES, tapos pili ka ng gusto mo game, tapos click APPLY, wait mo matapos ang download ha? Tapos pwede mo na siya open sa APPLICATIONS>GAMES"... imagine, kung ang 7 yr old naintindihan yung ganung ka simple na isntructions to add programs sa Linux, what more ang 20+ yrs old?? diba? By the way, Ubuntu 6.0.6 yung ginamit ng pamangkin ko.. MEPIS kasi gamit ko eh..

    Nung first time ko humawak ng Windows 3.11, na shock din ako, di ko maintindihan ang itsura niya.. pero nung maturuan ako ng teacher namin, 2 days lang comfortable na ako that time.. So it's juts a matter of how a system is introduced, marami lang fund ang marketing ng Microsoft kaya siya sumikat.. Pero big portals like Google and Yahoo uses Linux on their mainframe computer, kasi mas reliable siya compared sa servers ng Windows.. and FREE..
  12. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    I've had a computer since I was 5 years old.. My first one was a Wearnes 286 model and Ive experienced the dark days, MS Dos, Qbasic, Wordstar and all the other stuff. I know what you mean about your niece catching up that fast hehe And you're right about the Marketing of Windows. It's pure genius. hehe

    So ubuntu 6.0 doesnt require you na to input your admin password whenever you try to add a new package???? What about the Codecs? and other copyright infringing stuff? The free office suite you're talking about is also available for windows.. HEHE Still most people would buy Office because they can and they want to..

    Driver support for internal 56k modems has been hell for me before and Im sure it's kind of hell parin hanggang ngayon sa mga dial uppers dyan... Not everybody is on a DSL connection... Another thing about the "New Linux" is when you try to change desktop themes or say start menu button? Or say the taskbar style... On a linux machine you would have to do a long google search for a suitable kbfx package for your distribution before you can start downloading or making your own skins.. On Windows you just search for the skin and download a free skin changer or just patch winstyles.dll.

    Obviously when it comes to price mas ok na deal ang Linux. I wont argue with you about that pero marami pa pagkukulang ang Linux (As a whole as in ALL THE DISTROs) but I know it's rapidly catching up and it will get there some day.

    And for me lang, when I start comparing the games between Linux/Mac and Windows it's like Im trying to compare a toothpick to an Aircraft Carrier. Or a dragon VS a mosquito. SUPER LAYO difference.. I know there are great games for linux as well.. Like "A tale in the dessert" and lots more.. Pero these games cant even come close to the games coming from Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA or Eidos.. Layo talaga dude..

    Pero tama ka, siguro without the games it would level a bit.. Ang alam ko kase and I speak for a lot of people like me.. Kahit anong Linux distro... Without all the modern games exclusive to Windows... Linux gets soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BORING. hehe
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Anung nangyari sa longhorn?
  14. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Longhorn will be the new Server OS coming from M*****ft.
  15. RocK

    RocK Member

    Raldz na try muna bang mag compare ng windows and linux on office works multitasking applications, video and audio editing? wlang game ha? kumbaga review ba linux vs windows like amd vs intel,,,,which of the 2 is the fastest to produce in given time, or which will have more quality? linux or windows, hehehehe

    To all friends in here can you share some reviews about linux vs windows in application only.
  16. ojpd

    ojpd Member


    Dude that would trigger another debate. Isa pa Windows doesnt have to prove anything na.. Let the real world facts speak. Windows is number 1.. HEHE Although the fast rise of excellent Linux distros is very admirable and exciting in some way.

    Tsaka grabe ang AMD vs Intel na yan.. Mula nuon pa yan at kahit saang forum meron. LOL. Kawawa parati Intel.. Ngok ngok! HEHEHE
  17. RocK

    RocK Member

    Tama ka dude ,hehehe na isip kong ba sabi kc ni raldz , na pang gaming lng ang windows panget daw,,hahahah.. tinan kaya natin kng my reviews about applications and multitasking kng masabonan ba ng Linux ang windows :mrgreen:
  18. bridge

    bridge Member


    ok yan!

    post nyo mga ganyan sa im bored :)
  19. raldz

    raldz Member

    i don't know kung ano ibig mo sabihin, pero when it comes to multitasking and processing power, walang sinabi ang Windows, rember that servers of Google, Yahoo, ang other major portals are running primarily on Linux.. ang cluster computing like the ones used by NASA relies on clustering capabilities of Linux.. don't compare server capabilities of Windows sa Linux, dahil Linux is based on Unix.. a proven server platform..

    When it comes to applications, ano bang applications ang tinutukoy mo na ginawa ng Microsoft? Windows and Office lang naman ang primary product nila, aside from MS Exchange, and other small toys or apps.. The rest of the applications in Windows are made by third party developers..
  20. RocK

    RocK Member

    Ahh dipala clear sorry raldz,,hehehe, By the way am talking about desktop pc, bihira naman satin dito ang gumagamit ng server OS eh, unless mga corporate personality na ang nan dito mostly, am referring to a multitasking reviews can you give me a link where i can check that windows is "parang pambata kasi ang dating nya sa akin eh.." as you've said a while ago, at least 3 reviews,^_^

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