Microsoft sneaks out piracy detection software

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by ojpd, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Simulutaneous yan lahat ng updates from microsoft unless officially and specifically addressed by microsoft itself that the update only applies to certain countries.. A day before an update is to be released I get an email notification about it so the moment a new microsoft update is available only an hour or 2 after it releases I download it so yeah..
  2. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Paps baka older version ang IE mo? Naka install ka na ba SP2? Or baka naka off ang Automatic Updates mo.. Baka may isang service sa services.msc na needed for updates na pinatay mo accidentally or through a tweaking program...
  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    na praning na mga non legit user like me hehehehe

    kaso ako nabili ko eh mukhang genuine... kasi pumasa sa genuine authentication hehehehe

  4. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    lewls... Tsaka general Sir.. wala talaga prob yang genuine authentication.. All the "MS Rebels" need to do is download a file called legitcontroll.dll from cr@ck sites and then overwrite the one in your windows/system32 folder.. Magic.. hehehe
  5. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member




    upgrade mo IE to 5.5 or 6 version

  6. RocK

    RocK Member

    ahihihi derecho kanalng IE7 :shock:
  7. paps

    paps Member

    recently installed windows defender ngrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......nakapasa naman :mrgreen: ngayon ayaw na... IE7? kailangan WGA ayaw na naman...........ano ba talaga kuya?
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    up na ba IE7?

  9. on beta palang po ata may problema nga IE7 sa ibang games e-games specially... hindi ata compatible login interface nila with IE7
  10. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    Lewls General... Medjo mahihirapan din mga XP REBELs install ng IE7 kase dapat mag go through pa sila guinine advantage check plus they need to have the update we're talking about right now before they can install IE7... LEWLS..
  11. genexide

    genexide Member

    bat ung mga pirata ko walang lumabas? pero ok lng din.... more than half of my computers are legit.... haha.... bka pumasa din ako khit galing ito kay capt. hook
  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ako hindi pwede kasi 2000 ako hehehehe


    pang XP at 2003 lang pala waaaa
  13. RocK

    RocK Member

    here's a link:

    diko pa na try pero sabi d2 fixed na daw bugs,,hehehe tell me nlang about bugs news sa mga gusto mag try my link den ata dyan na pwede mag download :D
  14. ojpd

    ojpd Member

    IE7 needs the latest windows update which is on this thread..
  15. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    eh kasi may mozilla, opera, aol bakit tyaga pa sa IE7.... its the same old IE prone to exploits...heheheheh

  16. syd vasquez

    syd vasquez Member

    Kasalanan ng National Government natin dahil walang tiyak na programa upang palaguhin ang ekonomiya natin kaya tuloy mga Small and Medium Industries gaya natin ay naghihingalo. Sa tutoo noong panahon ni Apo Marcos ay marami pang Medium Industries, ngayon wala na....Small na lahat. Sa baba ng ekonomiya natin na ngayon ay marami ng sumisingil ng 15k/hour para lang magkaroon ng customer, pero di sapat ito sa mahal ng koryente. Let us just pray for miracle to happen anyway di natutolog ang Panginoon.

  17. I don't have that problem. There's this site that hosts the updates for free without checking for authenticity. It has updates for any Windows OS. Downside though, you need to have bittorrent. But still. 8)

    It's here.
  18. hotbreed

    hotbreed Member

    i am saddened by how Filipino business owners are scrimping for money to maintain pace with their mounting operational cost. the rising price of everything, not to mention the poor quality services delivered by our power, telecom, internet access providers contribute to this. P15 is crazy talaga. i can't imagine how an internet cafe subsist with as low a pc rental as this.
  19. iRad

    iRad Member

    Nalaman ko to 4 days ago tapos nung pagkatapos ko basahin yung balita tungkol dito, inadjust ko yung Automatic updates, ang masaya ,Lumabas Yung update na to(Windows Genuine Advantage something). mabuti nalaman ko agad hehehe.
  20. j4l4ni

    j4l4ni Member

    pasingit mga master.. is that true? hu hu.. buti nalang nakabili me ng registered na softwares from MS. laki nga ng gasto pero at least d na masabit. by the way, i'm here in Marawi City.

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