Microsoft sneaks out piracy detection software

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    Microsoft sneaks out piracy detection software

    Microsoft has included software in its latest batch of updates for Windows that checks whether copies of the operating system are legitimate.

    Users who choose the Express Install option for Microsoft updates will automatically install the new program without seeing it listed.

    However, if they are running a copy or other illegal version of Windows they will soon know about it.

    "For customers who are running a non-genuine copy of Windows, the new feature will enable notifications directly to their desktop that the copy of Windows they are running is not genuine," said Microsoft in a statement.

    The move is part of Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage initiative.

    Microsoft warned that it is difficult for those outside the industry to appreciate the impact of the problem.

    "The Business Software Alliance has estimated that 35 per cent of all PC software used worldwide is counterfeit or otherwise illegal," said M*****ft.

    "The recent IDC Economic Impact Study asserted that if the piracy rate was lowered by 10 percentage points over the next four years, this would contribute 2.4 million new jobs and $400bn in economic growth to the global economy."

    The notifications software was first issued in Norway and Sweden in November 2005, and in five additional countries in February 2006.

    The latest update has rolled it out to Windows users in America, the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

    Redmond is also piloting similar software called Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage which will notify people if their copy of Microsoft Office is genuine.

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    Bwehehehehe!! Oh well.. There's always gonna be a crack for stuff like this.. Im sure warez people are already working on a new exploit... HEHEHE
  4. ojpd

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    Just checked the update.. It's called:

    "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)"

    People can easily unmark it if they choose "custom" install..
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    pinatay ko na lng ung automatic updates ng mga pc sa shop.... hahah.... pag win2000 ba, may patch din na ganito?
  6. raldz

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    hindi problema yan..
  7. duhwho

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    hahahahaahah i will circumnavigate the world hehehehehee


    thanks for the info me aide-de-camp ojpd!!!!

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    mga tol win2k den ako , pre ojpd, kelan ba yan effective sa country of pirated"Phil", hehehe my naka try nabang naka encounter n2 pre?
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    sorry but i need to double post pls allow me, just wanna give a link to give more info ... ate1ek.jpg

    just wanna ask kng eto naba 2' " Yang New MS Update" sa link na binigay ko,,hehehe kawawa naman tayong mga pinoy na namahalan sa pag bili ng OS ako simulan ko lng bumili 1 OS every 3 months ^_^
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    nad DL na nga ung updates ko eh, pero wala nman lumabas saken...
    di nman daw kc tau kcing garapalan mang pirata tulad ng ibang bansa..
    kya mejo di pa tau maiinit sa paningin nila...
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    ang meaning nyan ang linux copyrighted lng sa windows,,hahahah kawa naman ang linux sa alert msgs nilalait pa ng windows :D
  13. genexide

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    yaan mo na.. lam nman nating lahat na mas powerful ang linux os kesa sa mga os ni bill..... mas stable pa dba?
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  15. paps

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    eto na kayo yun? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  16. genexide

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    i think thers nothing to worry eh.... di pa nman yata ni release yan sa pinas.... mga 8 countries pa lng ata meron nyan dba? correct me if im wrong...
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    well... if you're trying to update your windows xp or any microsoft products... search for a torrent named WINDOWS VALIDATION PATCH... search for the most updated and. download that!.. this patch will enable you to download updates on microsoft and bypassing windows genuine validation.

    I think, its already here in the Philippines.
  18. ojpd

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    L M A O!!!! Nice pre hotbreed hehehe

    Ganito gawin para walang automatic updates... Click on start - run - type "services.msc" then choose automatic updates - startup type = disable then choose security center - disable it

    But before disabling auto updates and the security center do a manual update... Im sure meron ng cr@cked Legitcontrol dll file sa system32 folder so yeah... Sa microsoft update site.. Choose "custom" and NOT "express" ... Pagkatapos wag lang pili-in ang update na yun.. Lewls.. Ambobo talaga ng mga taga M*****ft.. May lusot parin ang warez windows LMAO
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    sus my work around ng kumakalat pag tangal ng Billgates malware na yan,,hehehe,,,mas more easy pa kng kakalat den ang crack gawa to kill Bill

    Rejoice mga MS Rebels..hahahaha
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    bat ganun lumalabas sa kin pag update ko?

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