Microsoft COEM offer extended!

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  1. Microsoft COEM offer extended

    As part of Microsoft’s commitment to the small and medium business segment, Microsoft is extending the Desktop Legalization offer to November 30, 2005. Originally, the offering period is supposed to end on October 30, 2005. In light of the request for extension by numerous business segments, Microsoft Philippines was able to secure an approval to extend the Windows COEM promo. Customers who wish to legalize will be allowed to buy a Windows COEM license without an accompanying PC or non-peripheral hardware component until November 30, 2005.

    The Desktop Legalization Offer allows any business for a defined period of time to buy COEM of Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional Edition even if not bundled with the purchase of a new PC. This move is a testament of Microsoft’s solid commitment to the welfare of their customers.

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    The truth is, Microsoft is losing millions due to anti-trust lawsuits, losing its customers to Linux, and anti monoply move by customers gearing way to the expanding user base of Linux... read this articles below for more info..

    Australia to Move to Linux

    Australian Government to use Linux

    Linspire will replace Windows in Korea

    Massachusetts Adopts Open Source

    Microsoft Pays back Customers
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    soon to come "ALL PINOYS MOVED TO LINUX......AT LAST"
    TUX for President!

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