Microsoft Claims Firefox is Nothing Compared to IE

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    Microsoft Claims Firefox is Nothing Compared to Internet Explorer

    Microsoft claims that Firefox is nothing compared to Internet Explorer. The Redmond company's proprietary browser, as well as Mozilla's open source competitor, are in a constant race for audience. In the browser world, the success of a product is measured ultimately in terms of market share. And in this respect, Internet Explorer, having benefited from the Windows near-monopoly,
    accounts for the lion's share of the browser market. And although Mozilla dropped Firefox just three years ago, the open source browser has been making headway, slowly eroding IE's domination and increasing its foothold on the market.


    By: Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor
  2. Ominous

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    IE's market share is because of lack of sufficient knowledge of users. Ultimately the browser will cause headaches for the infected user.
  3. primus

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    that is so true!. firefox is nothing compared to IE, because with firefox you don't get free virus that much. with IE you will always get one and it is always FREE too!. hehehe..
  4. Ominous

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    With IE, nearly everything is free. Malware, popups, unwanted ads, unsigned ActiveX, and more!
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    When i install IE 7. I have not received a single update... In FF almost every week theres a security update. And still M$ is claiming that they are on the edge
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    Meron naman issue ang FF sa Kaspersky kaya Opera naman ang gamit ko..No way I will use IE.

    @sir primus
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    request transfer sa news section
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    uu nga dami features ng internet explorer 7 mas mabilis pa sya magload compare sa firefox the thing is ie7 comes with windows xp which we pay for the licensed OS ung firefox libre pinanggalingan tama ba? heheheh
  9. qkwyx

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    may na encounter ako na may ibang website hindi maka display ng Firefox, Netscape, or Opera how come???... pero IE6 or IE7 makapasok naman... kaya ako no choice if hindi maka pag display ng webpage ang ibang internet browser, ayun balik ako sa IE...
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    ibig sabihin ba nito na lamang na ulit ang IE sa FF para sa mga users? ako nga din medyo na papangitan na sa FF.. minsan ang bagal mag switch ng tab... or minsan ayaw mag new tab when pressing ctrl+T.. gamit ko na version

  11. maganda sana uf ff kaso nga lang mabagal mag browse.. kaya sa mga newbie na katulad ko ie7 nalang...

    question lang po... maganda ba kung both ay meron ka???? di pa kasi ako naka try ng sabay.... di ba magkaroon ng dysfunction kung install ang dalawa???? :roll:
  12. greekolo

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    wala paps... ako ie and ff gamit ko.. meron kasi mga ibang webpage na sa ie lang pwedeng buksan...
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    As a web developer... lahat ng major browser dapat meron ka :) I use FF, IE6, IE7 standalone, safari and opera to make sure na compatible ang design sa lahat ng major browser...

    Pero ang main broswer ko talaga... Firefox! gusto ko ang feature ng tab at ang restore yung mga sites na ni visit mo.

    wala naman akong big issue sa FF except sa yahoo... nag tetake sya ng malaking resource at ayun... nag ca crash FF ko.

  14. monopoly nanaman?
    kung pwede lang uninstall ang IE sana matagal ko na ginawa.
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    FF is better, since it comes with a built-in firewall and whatnot. Not sure about the newer IE tho (IE7 ba?), because IE6(?) compared to FF was SHIT. :)

    And, the reason why Firefox can't load some pages, is because of the CSS HTML, XHTML codes used in the sites. Most of the time, the codes they use arn't up to date, or aren't using the international standards set.

    IE just doesn't care about that so you generally load anything on Internet Explorer.

    Another thing with Firefox, the high memory usage.
    Good times still though. Firefox rules!

  16. but customers ko palaging sisigaw "KOYA, BAT NIO TINAGO ANG EZPLORER NIO? AYOW KO NG MOZARELLA" hahahahahahaha
  17. greekolo

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    hehhe MOZARELLA.. ampupu... :D
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  19. Member

    actually FF follows the W3C standard rules. sa IE7 na lang nag follow ng rules are M*****ft... pero dami pa ring gumagamit ng IE6 na hindi naman compatible at buggy...

  20. dati nagagandahan ako sa FF, ngayon ang dami nang issue. mas ok pa din kaysa sa IE. IE 7 bulok amp, naka blank na nga connecting pa din

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