Microsoft Backs Apache and Open Source

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    Microsoft Backs Apache and Open Source

    In the past Microsoft has been hostile to the open source movement. But At OSCON, Microsoft announced their sponsorship of "The Apache Software Foundation", joining Google and Yahoo! at Platinum level. Microsoft donated US $100k (minimum requirement, MS did not disclose how much money it had contributed) to Apache foundation. This sponsorship will enable the ASF to pay administrators and other support staff so that ASF developers can focus on writing great software.

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    What's happening to Microsoft this days? :wink:
  2. pmcastillo

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    Make sure it was DONATED... *NOT* PAID

    Well the difference of donation and getting paid is in donation, you don't expect anything.

    EDIT: I hope this is not a,_e ... extinguish strategy by Microsoft
  3. kwiki

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    Lets just cross our fingers apache users that Microsoft did that for donation only.
  4. jase07

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    retired na daw kasi si Bill Gates hehehe.
  5. Unwired

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    The new CEO is not that greedy as bill gates...they will drop the IIS?
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    thanks for the news... i moved it to the front page news...
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    hmmmmmmmmm promising isn't it
  8. pmcastillo

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    Si Steve Ballmer ba yung tinutukoy mo?

  9. bakit san na si bill gates? patay na ba? :shock:

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