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  1. lordmight

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    [align=center]LORDS MU Season 4 Update Dec. 8,2009[/align]
    *When you reset your character, by default your character's level will become 10, so you can start a party from the first place, and you can proceed to Noria Spot.
    *3rd Job Quest Boss Monster are Located at Losttower.
    *Elpis is located in Crywolf for Gemstone Refining.

    *Kantru 2 Spot for Gemstone Hunt, Jewel of Chaos Hunt, and Leveling Needs.
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    mas ayos po ba eto sa zypher MU? tsaka marami ba players?
  3. lordmight

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    mas maayos po, players 500+ na po, pure pinoy, pero nung season 2 po kami almost 1000+ na po players, nung nagupgrade po sa s4 nawala yung iba at dahil kay Ondoy hehe. Try niyo po sir, marami din pong taga zhyper at shadow na nandito na. pati grudge.
  4. lordmight

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    [flash width=425 height=350]http://www.youtube.com/v/TFMSFRq1I8w[/flash]
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    [align=center] LORDS MU Season 4 as GOLD MEMBER of XtremeTop100.com

  6. upperjob

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    ei lordmight nasan na yung LORDRAN mo? meron na ba??
  7. lordmight

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    still working on it sir. Ready to online na nagaantay na lang kami ng pangupgrade ng ISP Plan.
  8. lordmight

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    Castle Siege Registration:

    Starting Dec. 12, 2009 - Until Dec. 14,2009

    Expected Siege Period Dec. 19,2009

    Register your Sign of Lord now at the Valley of Loren
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  10. lordmight

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  11. lordmight

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    LORDS MU Season 4 Update Dec. 18 ,2009

    Server Details:

    Name: Server 1 - PVP Server
    Exp: 5000x
    Drop: 80%
    Crowded with Spots and Powerful Mobs Not Suitable for Newbies.

    Name: Server 2 - NON - PVP Server
    Exp: 7000x
    Drop: 90%
    Spots Made for Newbies with 0 Resets

    Name: VIP Server
    Exp: 7500x
    Drop: 95%
    Will be Online Soon.
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    Welcome To our Team MINIKO

    A.K.A czerwin2k7
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  14. sir nid nyo paba ng extra staff? :D
  15. lordmight

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  16. lordmight

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    Castle Siege Actual War:

    Sorry kung di ko naSS yung laban ng Guilds napapatay kasi ako eh hehe
  17. czerwin2k7

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    sir... hows the forum?? d na ako makalogin sa forum.. or makapag register.. any problem ba about sa game?? any update?
  18. lordmight

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    The forum is up po sir, register ka po ng Miniko na useraccount. Para maupdate po natin sa Forum.
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    --How to get Credits
    --Wings Orbs and Scrolls

    Screen Shot:
    Login Page:

    Vault Screen:

    Link to Webshop : http://www.lordsgaming.tk/mu/webshop

    Purchased items will be sent to vault.
  20. lordmight

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    Season 5 Update soon.

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