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Discussion in 'Chat Lounge / Im Bored' started by lordmight, May 17, 2009.

  1. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    I know i'm newbie when it comes to all things... Gusto ko lang po ito ishare


    bago pa lang po siya kaya medyo baka magkaprob po kayo pero kung may prob po andyan lang po ang team para tumulong.

    Sana po magustuhan nyo.

    Some NOTES:
    AVG, AVAST detects the client as trojan, coz its connecting thru my server. If you're using those AVs Disable them before installing the client, its up to you whether to play it or not. ITS FOR YOUR OWN RISK?!?

    If any of your AV aside from AVG and AVAST detects the client as trojan kindly mail me. Thanks
  2. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    bakit nag uupdate pa.,... wala bang ready to play agad na client...

    just asking lng po... kc pag dating sa 11% ng update nag eerror so nde matuloy.... hehehe
  3. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    aun mali pala ung pinipindot kong launcher hehehe... ung sky launcher pala hehehe.. any way ill enjoy playing hehehe
  4. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    thanks po sa pagsali sir
  5. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    np hehehe... wala pang load sa MUphiles eh hehehe
  6. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    tol paki check si >FCUK-ME< ayaw mag reset eh... i tried so many times... paki check po ha... alis kc me now eh... hehehe maya lvl 400 100 resets... na ulet yan papatayin ko kau lahat hehehe... joke...

  7. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    mukhang mag eenjoy ako d2 ah hehehe... waaa spam na ako reply naman kau sali kau d2... hehehe...
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    free ba ito?

    I miss playing MU and other online games nyahahha
  9. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    uu kay LM to hehehe...
  10. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    cool... try ko.. hehehehe pero gusto ko bago PC ko.. bagal na kasi PC ko hehehe
  11. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    sir kahit may onting problema po sa server paki intindi na lang po hehe baguhan palang po kasi ako dito hehe...

    Salamat po sir czerwin sa suporta... Sayang yung >FCUK-ME< mo po hehe lakas na nun... ^^
  12. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    nyahahaha favorite ko tlga DL eh hehehe... tol LM may cape ka ba dyan IGN tsaka Great Lord Scepter... hehehe hina ng battle scepter eh.. hehehe
  13. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    @sir czer
    kindly check your account tomorrow at 5pm sir :) between 4:30 to 4:35 your account should not be logged in.

    Palakas ka po sir para patayin mo si BKknight hehe :)
  14. junkheart

    junkheart Member

    try ko nga to
  15. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    uy ha.. xGLS lng pede na.. hehehe syempre xSoliel din wahahahaha.... tsaka cape... ign++++opt hehehe... meron ka ba 2 rings dd dsr hp ref... hehehe... at pen xdmg lvl/20 life mana aqui... pede na un hehehe... ung cape ha... hehehe+HP+com+IGN++++ hehehe
  16. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    Sorry for the inconvenience guys, we've added some commands and feature for the Players.

    That's why the server has been delayed for about 2hours

    Please Enjoy, and bare with us.


    @sir czer

    at 4.30 - 4.35pm your account should be logged out, in order for us to give the Cape+IGN=F.O. The Scept. will be given in an event by a GM sir.

  17. Poochini31

    Poochini31 Member

    Bro ano oras ba sya magsisimula? Try ko Kanina 2am -3am Error Naman.. Hehe
  18. lordmight

    lordmight Guest


    bro the server is up from:
    weekdays : 9am-12midnight
    weekends : 9.30am-12midnight

    Kanina delayed ng 1hour 10am past na nagbukas dahil may inayos kami sa server.

    http://www.lordsmu.3-a.net ang registration at download page
    pede kang dumaan sa forum to see events and announcements

    The server was a proud partner of PIT, and RO PIT in the future.

    Don't have any permission to put PDSL's name in the server, baka mapagalitan ako eh hehe, sa PIT nakakuha na ako ng permission. To use its name.
  19. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    naman pala... nice one LM... sana makalaro ulit ako ng mu hehehehe
  20. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    sana po sir sumali ka po hehe si sir czerwin mumu na hehe dami pinapatay na players :) wahaha

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