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    in tipid PC, some people have claimed that the call center of wi tribe has confirmed that the cap is progressive

    after 6 gigs, you get throttled to 512kbps. as you keep on downloading more and more, the speed goes down and down up to , as the call center claims, 56 kbps

    this matches what some wi tribe users in tipid pc have seen

    the term used in tipidpc is "kapkap" or "cap2", a cap on top of a cap

    some speculate this is to discourage abusers and encourage abusers to buy more bandwidth
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    kumikita kasi ang ISP sa overselling ng subscription. eh madami ngayon yung 24x7 nagdodownload kasi nga "unlimited".

    kaya nga puro reklamo nalang ang lahat sa mga ISP GLobe, PLDT, Smart, Sun, Cable atc.

    magiging welcome ito sa mga lite users, lalo na yung mga web surfing, online games at emails lng ang gusto gawin. dahil ma prioritize sila, malaking segment din ito kung tutuusin. lalo kung maprove nila na mabilis ang connection nila.

  3. isesend ang signal thru microwave access? paanu po kung umuulan? para din po ba yan nung mga dish cable na nawawala reception pag umuulan?
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    technically wimax, wifi, 3g and old fashioned 2g are AFAIK all microwaves of different frequencies. Hindi naman napuputol ang cellphone or smart bro share it ko pag umuulan. kahit ondoy, although nag brownout
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    ^^Yup, Ku-band connections ang affected by rainfall. 2.4Ghz wireless microwave equipment used in point-to-point wireless connections work even in heavy fog or downpour.

  6. ic, thasks sa info po. kala ko same yan nang microwave dish na pang cable TV na pag umuulan nawawala signal. like DishTV sa US.
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    Lalabas ang kalaban nitong Wi-Tribe daw; yung Belltell naman ang provider hehehe
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    good luck nalang. learn from their mistakes

  9. I have Wi-tribe P998 plan. 1 mbps with 6GB cap. if you exceed that cap, speed goes down to 512 kbps. I live in Tandang Sora, QC. Performance is erratic, there are times when its good, most times bad. when bad, download of 3mb file takes 4 minutes! Service is poor because hot-line can not help you, tech support is overloaded if not too green - don;t know what to do, no feedback, you keep calling to follow up, no feedback, you call again..nothing hapens. I suggest for people to wait and see before subscribing. Me, i'm tied for 2 years.

  10. foc

    may hiring ba na fiber optic technician sa inyo.,baka pede me pumasok ja?na training po me sa TELOF.,accredited un sa DOTC.,TANX PO

  11. Does anybody here know what frequency bandwidth wi-Tribe uses in the 2.5ghz spectrum?
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