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  1. Yup, meron din ako nito. Ung brother ko ganto sa kanya. same speed. Un nga lang, para syang Globe Wimax. Pag ni share mo na sa ibang PC, kahit ndi naman ginagamit ang ibang PC bagsak lahat kayo sa 300kbps. di ko parin ma isip pano na dedetect ng globe or ung mga gantong model na receiver pag multiply connections.

    My solution is share the internet via MS Internt Connection Sharing. Kasi un ma fo-fool sya na kala nya isang PC lang, pero XP pala ang nag bahagi sa ibang PC.
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    heard thru grapevine...hehehehe

    EASTERN Telecom one of the IP Backbone of WiTRIBE is being eyed by SAN MIGUEL Corp for acquisition hhmmmmmm

    building up competition... heheheh

  3. Cge lang, bilhin nila. Ngayon ang gamit ng Wi-Tribe na backbone is IPCONVERG. Wish pde mag attach dito ng trace route. ;)

    FYi lang po, ang IPCONVERG is a separate internet backbone. hindi sya PLDT, GLOBE, Sun at Bayantel. Before wi-tribe, IPCONVERG is the number one choice of call center to carry their data services, voice, internet , etc. At iba pang corporations. I think, this is the first time na ma gagamit ang IPCONVERG sa isang broadband for public consumption.

    Kung i trace route mo pa ang isang website, makikita mo na xobrang onti lang ng iikutan mo para ma reach ang website, kumpare sa leading broadband services. Ang daming dadaanan ng connection mo, mag hohongkong kapa, japan, amerika, china then balik sa Pinas.
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    well WI TRIBE has two IP Link IPConverg and Eastern Tele...

    IPVG is just a middle man... in providing Data Network link that is non-telco bias meaning pwede via PLDT or Bayantel or Globe or Eastern...

    thats why San Miguel is keeing Eastern Tele so it will boost up its Broadband Market to help Liberty Telecom for backbone...

    so let see when they enter the tier 1 market competition hehehe

  5. Latest:


    Got a 260kbps transfer rate

  6. sino po nakakaalam kung pano tumaas signal nang globe BM625 3 lang po kasi ung strenght minsan 2 lang new lang po kasi ako d2... pa help po
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    daming post ni govpogi

    try mo search under globe thread about that modem BM625
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    They need Extelcom to get an International Gateway Facility license. An IGF allows access to the internet outside the country.

    There are only few companies in the Philippines with this license because of the immense requirements needed to obtain it. Instead of trying to obtain a license directly from NTC it is easier to buy a company with such a license.

    However, there are issues in their attempt to acquire Eastern Telecom and they are now trying to obtain another company BellTel. ... egoryId=66

  9. Buhay wi-tribe:

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    ty so much sa image post.
    bakit dongle yan? diba dapat yong malaki? sino pa po nakakaalam kung ano ang frequency ng wi-tribe, paki screenshot.

  11. no problem. 2.58GHZ po ang frequency ng dongle ko. Available naman ang dongle pinapa ubos lang ang mga square type na receiver. At mag kaiba kasi ng purpose:


    Works like smartbro plug it, or tatoo , sbw.

    SQUARE TYPE receiver:

    No need to install software. Just plug sa meralco, plug ang LAN cable sa receiver at PC mo ok kana. Parang as long may meralco may internet ka.

    I believe, ung dongle ko kasing lakas nya ang Smartbro motorola canopy ung antenna sa taas. Nasa 2.5GHz din. Mas maganda lang ito kasi ndi na kailangan ng line of sight sa base station parang wifi.
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    Eastern Telecom is different from EXTELCOM..

    Extelcom is the one of 3G echos license the one of the original Mobile Phone provider like Piltel and Islacom.. this is from Lopez Group...

    And as usual there is always an issue with the Lopez companies hehehe mag Belltel na lang sila ng Ortigas Group hehehe..

    here is the Eastern Communication (or Eastern Telecom) story naman hehehe ... egoryId=66

    daming pera ni lolo danding.. pwede ba nya targeting ang DUHWHO ECHOS ECHING KORPORATE hehehehe
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    according to the latest wi tribe fair usage policy or FUP, wala pa rin mention of the cap size, wala pa rin mention of the 25% discount 1am to 7am, pero at least meron na more or less mention about the post cap speed

    see link

    wi tribe FUP

    here's a screenshot in case wi tribe changes it so you can see the old and the new

    PIC of FUP
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    and the FUP says

    how many gigs a month before i'm labeled an abuser and my account is suspended?? If this is true then its like another cap.

  15. "Excessive high usage" means more than an ordinary user can consume at a given month or time. I believe, this is to protect their network from competitors. Imagine without this, a competitor or a person who wants to destroy their network can simply do an imaginable usage. And yes! He will succeed to destroy the entire network/bandwidth that's why they need to control it. Again, this is for "abnormal use" only.

    "Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

    If you don’t use file sharing software or download large files frequently from the Internet it’s unlikely you’ll ever be affected by this policy.

    It says "frequently" downloading of large files. If you do this really, then get your own network! You are really unfair to others. bUT downloading of large files are ok.

    including the streaming of internet radio contributes to your use of bandwidth and may, if left permanently on, cause you to be in breach of this policy."

    It says "if left permanently on". In my opinion, again this is maybe to discourage individuals who may want to destroy their network.
  16. pcruztemp

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    gee, what kind of ISP is soooo fragile that one user downloading 24/7 at 1 mbps can destroy it

    gee, other ISP's seem to be able to support these so called abusers
  17. motion55

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    What other ISP calls their subscribers bad names?
  18. pcruztemp

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  19. duhwho

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    ano na nangyari buhay pa ba hehehe

    well since naging 1mbps na rin ako sa bayandsl.. no need to bother myself with wi-tribe hehehe
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    the only people who are really happy with wi tribe are "grannies" (no offense to fellow "abuser" senior citizens, I mean very very light users) and people who happen to live in areas where all other ISP's have bad service

    for the former, I understand that this uber flawed ISP is the kapit patalim choice. However it is still bad.

    as an analogy (you can argue if the analogy is valid or not later), Its like sa elections where your choice for local official (mayor, governor or whatever) boils down to a harmless idiot versus a crafty candidate with verified ties to organized crime.

    now if the harmless idiot wins, you and your town will suffer but if the mobster wins, in the long run organized crime will spread and baka maging senator or president yan so the entire country will suffer. So, ano mauuna, ikaw or ang bayan?

    if wi tribe really is the fastest ISP in your area and you get it, YOU benefit but if wi-tribe is profitable, then the concept of "cap" will spread all over the country, either via wi-tribe or other ISP's will also get caps. IF you dont get wi-tribe, you suffer but the philippines is saved kasi wi-tibe either goes out of business or changes its bad practices

    So decide, para sa iyo or para sa bayan? Or is my analogy flawed?

    originally posted on the tipid PC wi-tribe thread

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