Just updated PROLiNK H5004N Wireless Router to a wrong firmware

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  1. Just updated firmware of my PROLiNK H5004N to "ver 4PWN1-3GR" instead of "ver 4PWNE1_49R". :confused: Now the router isn't working :( and browser doesn't show up the web GUI of it though I typed and entered :eek:
    Only WPS, LAN 1 and ADSL LEDs are lit up in yellow. WPS and ADSL LEDs are lit up although I unplug the Ethernet and the DSL cable from it.
    I tried to reset the router by pressing the "RESET" button while the router is powered on but nothing changes in the routers LED indicators.

    Can any one please help me to resolve this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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  2. Power on your router while holding the reset button.

  3. I did the hard reset twice :confused: diablongbaliw! But, it didn't work :(. What should I do next friend :)?
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    To elaborate further.

    1. Power ON your router while holding the reset button. The power led will remain in the red color state.

    2. Connect the router ethernet port directly to your PC. Temporarily assign a static IP address ( on your PC's ethernet adapter.

    3. Access the router at


    4. Upload the correct firmware.

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