Internet Connectivity after Japan Quake

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by duhwho, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    Hi Guys,

    Hope I can get some inputs from your current connection.

    Do you still experience slow browsing in yahoo, etc.?

    I'm currently using BayanDSL.. and still has issue..

    I have to use VPN to be able to browse a yahoo and yahoo mail.

    Do Globe, Smart, Digitel also has issue?

    Thanks.. I need to know if this is Bayantels eklavush hehehehe
  2. kailrusha

    kailrusha Member

    Yes. Ping rate is 288 to 480ms problem is Data i Receive From Bayantel. Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube.

    Nabasa ko sa Bayantel

    Affected na Transit nila


    AT&T STM1
    MCI STM1


    ANC 1G
  3. donetus

    donetus Member

    GlobeDSL subscriber here. Internet connection speed is ok naman.
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    ok naman ba ang yahoo, youtube facebook?


    pansin ko lang baka ni re-load nila ang mga residential gateway to their corporate gateway.. since corporate gateway nila puro NTT.. eh nasa Japan ang PoP and NOC nito .. tsskk.. kainis mga residential na echos hehehe...


    Kaya ako tanung sa mga Globe user kasi Globe ka partner nya Singtel.. which is also owns Optus.. there is possible they may re route via Singtel-Optus-Perth.. PLDT has Taiwan route and back end route via India.. (submarine cable conglomerate nila)... eh Bayantel.. puro ride on... Digitel naman mayroon syang partnet sa ANC ... pero alam naman natin Digitel mapa may calamity or wala.. unreliable service nila hehehehe...

    kainis nga tuwing SOD ok ang connection.. tuwing non-SOD time hindi that is 10am to 10pm.. ok ang speed within local.. but not international hehehehe
  5. donetus

    donetus Member

    the sites that you've mentioned are loading without any problem.
  6. j0sefuz

    j0sefuz Member

    No Problems with GLOBE here in Pampanga..
  7. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    pldt dsl plan 999 ngn sa pampanga. some problems surfing, nakukuha din sa reload page. speed is normal (1.4 mbps)
  8. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    ISP: SmartBro (Share-It)
    Area: Laguna (Region IV-A; CALABARZON)
    Description: Still the same old Smart. lol
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member



    the rest.. thanks din hehehe

    ngayon medyo ok ok na yung facebook at yahoo mail.. kagabi at for the past few days.. parang walang silbi ang internet ko.. kung di ako maka facebook , yahoo mail, gmail hahahaha ok naman sa local sites at iba..


    Mag Wimax Smart ka na lang or Globe hehehe
  10. jaworemoj

    jaworemoj Member

    nakakapagtaka lang tumaas yung ping ko ng konti (3-5ms) pero ok naman yung net ko..o epekto na din 'to ng dahil din sa Jp Quake/Tsunami?
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    pwede rin.. dahil cguro sa congestion... pero medyo back to normal na uli.. hehehehe wala naman kasi cable break.. nag down lang mga PoP hehehe
  12. jaworemoj

    jaworemoj Member

    pero nagtry lang ako tumawag sa PLDT..sinasabing my intermittent daw dahil daw sa JP etc . . .
  13. dslmaster

    dslmaster Administrator Staff Member

    believe ako sa japan infrastructure..
    wala ngang cellphone signal pero nakaka internet using phone.
    (one pinay reporting via cellphone skype internet sa abscbn nasa sasakyan sya
    with video live sa tvpatrol.
    sabi nya walang cellphone service, internet connection lang)

    that means their cellphone internet cellsite have different tower
    sa phone service mismo?

    maybe japans telecom infrastructure is really built for total fail proof.
    if one system is down like phoneservice, merong internet service.. or vice versa.

    btw, im using globe so far walang kaproblema during nong japan eartquake.
  14. mic


  15. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga PLDT namin sa opis nag kaka issue.. pero Bayantel and Globe going to Aussie ok naman.. hehehehe

    as for Phone and Internet.. yup mag kaiba po ride nun.. wala yatang phone dahil baka yung Phone WLL eh down hehehe.. unlike kasi internet ang dali lang ng back up.. hehehehe.. kahit sa atin.. mag down ang phone/voice pwede pa rin mag internet..

    high tech talaga japan biro mo daming tweeter saan ka pa.. nag ka issue pero dagsa pa rin tweeting hehehehe

  16. Thanks for the information guys.. I was looking for it.. its really sad to heard about the condition over there.. I will share it out with my friends who are living there..
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