Internet Café Congress 2007

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    Internet Café Congress 2007
    March 10 and 11, 2007 , SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 3

    Internet Café business existence in the Philippines is rapidly growing due to its natural necessity. The business can be easily set-up by just having at least 4 or more computer sets with internet access. Surprisingly, with the services that internet cafes could give to the market has made it become an immense industry. Its top services include online gaming, Internet surfing and printing-scanning-faxing-copying and now several cafes are also now offering cheap calls abroad using voip service and sometimes they also sell prepaid credits to their customers.

    Because of the low-start-up capital in establishing such venture, it has then become one of the most attractive and lucrative business start-up. Generally, internet cafés in the country are being established through single proprietorship with only one branch because of its affordability. In rough estimate, there are currently 20,000 internet cafés in the Philippines.

    From the economic viewpoint, even if there could be a cheapest amount of PC that you can buy, the cost of owning it is still restrictive for vast section of the country not to mention the importance of having an internet access if you have one thus making Internet Cafés genuinely acceptable as an alternative.

    In result to this, First Events Asia (FEA) believes that the abrupt presence of Internet Café venture would go along way. So on March 10 and 11, 2007, we will be having an event entitled “INTERNET CAFÉ CONGRESS 2007” wherein it will showcase suppliers and distributors of equipments needed to set-up an internet café business.

    The following industries are expected to exhibit:

    DSL Providers / I-Café franchise provider
    Monitor and Computer and parts Suppliers
    Printer Suppliers / Ink Suppliers / Fax Machines
    Networking Equipments
    Air-conditioning / Furniture Suppliers
    Computer Shops / Resellers
    Gaming Companies
    Load Suppliers
    Security Systems (Surveillance Camera / Alarm)
    Café Management and other Software
    Wi-Fi Providers
    VOIP Providers
    Insurance Company

    This event at the SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 3 will cover 920 square meters of exhibit space. The event is expecting to draw thousands of attendees and majority would be those internet café owners who were invited personally two months before the event to attend the congress. Other visitors are professionals from wholesale/retail of computer equipments and those who want to set-up their internet café businesses. So both enterprise and individual consumers are free to interrelate and confer with each other regarding related matters. There will be seminars on different topics created to help I-Cafe owners and Entrepreneurs to establish and maintain their I-Café business.

    You will also be getting HUGE discounts and freebies given only on the event. Internet Café owners and visitors are invited to attend. ENTRANCE IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    For details, you may email First Events Asia at


    PinoyDSL.Net is one of the media sponsor of the event
  2. genexide

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    punta siguro ako jan....
  3. smileypanget

    smileypanget Member

    ako din punta dyan

    una ko hahanapin dyan si master d
  4. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    ako rin....
  5. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    Gusto niyo sabay na natin set EB ng pinoydsl dito?ok to mga dudes...
  6. friday13

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    Nyak ! anlayu sa amin ng venue. D ako pede jan.
  7. dyoddyowel

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    punta tyo dun sabay EB na rin ha... sana makapunta yung mga malalapit, khit na yung malalayo eh kung me time punta na rin kayo...

    lahat ng mod sana makapunta, si raldz at ojpd ang layo nila sa manila eh pero kung me time punta din kayo... sagot ni master duhwho airline ticket nyo, para meron ma-bang bang... hehehe...

    ano? punta tyo ha?
  8. goodlooks

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    meron po bang benifits ung membes pag maka punta dyan? hehehe
  9. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    meron... makikita mo yung baril...

    hehehe... pero sana meron freebies...
  10. plipster

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    hihi,never knew this internet congress 07 was such a big thing..

    may mga freebies ba pag pumunta ka dun tapos member ka dito sa forums?hehehe..

    this may sound kind of insulting,but i just want to go direct to the point:

    ano ba mapapala ko pag pumunta ako dito?
  11. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    1.malamig,kasi aircon
    2.makikita si duhwho...hehehe...
  12. plipster

    plipster Member

    wow,are the mods required to attend this event?

    woohoo!may mga celebrity pala darating dun e,hehe.. :D :D :D

    i have a little secret.. :D :D :D
  13. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    not really...hehehe...celebrity.....hehehe.....
  14. plipster

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    baka mangangampanya si duhwho dun..

    duhwho for senator,hehehe..

    saka ko na lang sasabihin pag tapos na tong event na to.. :D :D :D
  15. satch0

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    pambitin nman... :mrgreen:
  16. Symantec

    Symantec Member

  17. dyoddyowel

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    bolang bilog... sabihin sa akin ang tamang sagot...

    1. pupunta ka dun pero di ka magpapakilala
    2. isa kang celebrity
    3. isa ka sa organizer ng event
    4. meron kang pang isang account dito
    5. nabaril ka na...

  18. techsampler

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    Sana magbigay lang ng freebies si sir dslmaster sa mga member ng pinoydsl na pupunta dun.

    master ano freebies mo sana hindi lang baril.
  19. plipster

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    ating alamin dyoddyowel,hehehe.. :D :D :D

    si duhwho mamimigay daw ng free laptops,pero ang baterya motolite,hehehe.. :D :D :D
  20. Symantec

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    6. nabaril kana ngunit gusto mo pa
    7.nabaril ka pero di ka tinamaan
    8.di mo alam nabaril ka na
    9.di mo alam anung ibig sabihin ng "baril"

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