Hydrogen Power Coming Soon to Your Cell Phone

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by Unwired, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    by Jorge Chapa

  2. Jesse

    Jesse Member

    Nice, siguro magiging maganda yan...

    Pero tingin ko mas maganda ang solar powered cellphone? hehe :p
  3. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    power cell is our future energy source, eco-friendly with a punch of a power.
  4. Cougar

    Cougar Member

    Its cool ellphone.. but It's not eco friendly yet.. unless we comeup with a better way where we get our hydrogen..

    lets just hope they find a solution..

    mas OK sakin ang solar.. yan mas eco friendly.. one day will be wearing solar clothing.. or we invent some fusion generator or something like:

    matter/antimater generators(star trek)
    Naquadah Generator(Stargate)
    Zero Point Modules(Stargate)
    to power our cell phones... hehehe

    or even WARPDRIVE/HyperDrive
    so we can go meet some Aliens hehehehe

    who knows maybe oneday will be able to talk to our cellphones and say

    okaya InterStellar InterGalactic Subspace Cellullar Phones (Intel Inside)
    so we can phone ET somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy..
  5. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    hydrogen can be easily get from water....

    btw..if man will invent power cell size cold nuclear fusion, we reach our human limitation for energy.
  6. tagabukid

    tagabukid Member

    nice yan. at least nakakahabol na rin ang technology ng batteries. pag mainstream na yan, mas viable na ang cellphone as multimedia platform. kasi d na mabilis mamatay. ayos din yan sa mga laptop. isipin nyo na lang 10-15 hours heavy use before charging. d ba? maganda.
  7. klyster

    klyster Member

    power cell (energy) + cell processing (power) = now thats sweet

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