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  1. thanks po, Sir, one quick question lang po "How to configure LAN Subnet in win7?" i've tried searching on net regarding this but i couldn't find a definite answer, Sir, many thanks
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    I meant you must configure the LAN card TCP/IP properties on the server such that it matches that of your LAN configuration on the clients.


    Gateway: none

    If you still want to use the public IP on the server, and at the same time access the LAN hosts, then try adding one more LAN card in there and configure that instead for the LAN subnet.


    NIC #1: Connected to modem's switch
    IP: assigned by ISP
    Subnet: assigned by ISP
    Gateway: assigned by ISP
    DNS: assigned by ISP

    NIC #2: Connected to LAN switch
    Gateway: none
    DNS: none

  3. Many thanks, Sir

  4. Sir Blue Engr., sorry if a little off topic, i have the same router as yours, P2612HWU-F1 which is exclusive from pldt, i tried resetting it to reconfigure called pldt, the said that it cant be reconfigure. How were you able to change the ip address of yours? Thanks

  5. Yes, Sir, actually you cant change the IP address of the Zyxel, otherwise you can change your IP through other router, hindi sya ganun tulad ng inaakala mo na tulad ng ibang router na naka out sa market...

    Ganito normal setup

    DSL Line <- Modem <- Router <- Hub/switch < - PC units

    Ito ang akala ko nun dumating sakin yan Zyxel

    DSL Line <- Zyxel <- Hub <- Switch <- Pc Units

    and its wrong, kse ung unang setup pa rin ang mangyayari, kaya magpapalit ka pa rin ng Static IP Addresses mo sa Router ang tanging mababago mo lang sa Zyxel is QOS ( not tested) , Port forwarding ( not tested), Wireless ( You cant change SSID ) as of now yan pa lang kinakalikot ko sa router, ayaw ko masyado kalikutin bka bigla ako magka problema...

    if you have other queries... ill try my best to reply.. anyway mas marami mas magagaling sakin dito.. special thanks to Sir josekym..

  6. gud pm sir engr. blue I also try what you have try in kalikuting router and all you've said is true and 100% true sir talaga QOS lang yata ang pwede galawin kasi nagsubok na ako ng portforwarding talaga ayaw maconfigure

  7. Mga masters,

    Ask ko lang po on how to configure NAT on Zyxel P-2612HWU-F1.

    I want kasi ma-access yung server ko from outside.

    I have a HP ML 350 server running on Win 2008 Server R2.

    ano po ba ang tamang set-up and configs to inputs para ma-access ko yung server ko outside our office (Internet) (outside LAN).

    ISP gave me static IPs and my server IP is Ano po ba yung tamang set-up g mga equipments.

    My setup is:

    PLDT Modem/Router>Switch>PCs & Server

    I have Dlink router D-100 pero di ko panailalagay. I hope you could help me guys onthe proper step by step set-up and configurations. Please give me also proper setup ng equips para gayahin ko...

    thanks in advance mga masters.

  8. mga sir paano ang step by step configuration ng QOS ng zyxel p-2612hwu-f1

  9. ask ko lng po ung wep key ba ung wifi password .gusto ko sna palitan ung password namin ito lng kasi ung lmlbas.

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  10. sir ask ko lng if paano mag block ng website sa PLDT Zyxel P-2612HWU-F1


  11. Good morning,

    Itatanong ko lang po kasi ung wifi namin sa office nakakaconnect kami sa umaga
    pero pagdating ng tanghali hanggang gabi na hindi na makaconnect yung iba.

    Paano po ang gagawin?

  12. Is anyone here know how to configure PLDT Zyxel P-2612HWU-F1 to make it bridge mode?

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