Google "Buckyball" Doodle

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    Google "Buckyball" Doodle


    The 25th anniversary of the discovery of the "buckyball", a spherical dome of exotic molecules of carbon, has been celebrated with a special interactive Google Doodle.

    The special animated logo replaces the Google logo's middle O letter with an orange ball. By scrolling their mouse across the logo, users can twist and turn the ball, which has replaced the search engine's usual logo on its homepage.

    Its official name is "Buckminsterfullerene" because its structure resembles that of the geodesic domes designed by the late American engineer Buckminster Fuller.

    Sir Harold Kroto, from the University of Sussex, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 with two American scientists, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley, of Rice University, Houston, Texas, for their 1985 discovery of new carbon.

    Watch youtube video: ... r_embedded

    Read more: ... oodle.html
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    Kaya pala may bagong makikita mo sa web ng google. Maganda sya.
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    sa totoo lang ay nagtaka ako kung ano yung nasa logo nilang yun. hinover ko ang mouse ko at lumabas ang pangalan. tanong ko sa sarili ko: ano ito?

    ayun. hindi ko alam yan. bakit, ano ba yan? hehe. san ba yan ginagamit? hehe. sori, na-ignorante ako.
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    madami ang tatawag sa call center to complain. akala nila sira ang pc nila

  5. Thanks for some history about buckyballs. :) For too many things it is just something they wanna eat to live longer because of that famous rat experiment. :D C60 is honestly a very impressive material. There is almost unlimited supply of different ideas and projects to use it. Iam really looking forward to see all the stuff we gonna have in near future. :)

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