Globe WiMAX, the other side of the story...

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    Globe WiMAX, the other side of the story...


    WiMAX is in the news. Globe Telecom recently launched a WiMAX service, boasting of a 2.5Ghz WiMAX (802.16e) broadband network, which is said to be the biggest in Southeast Asia. But do you know the other side of the news? Here it is...

    Huawei Deploy ‘Southeast Asia’s Largest’ 2.5GHz WiMAX Network for Globe Telecom Philippines

    Huawei Technologies said it has successfully deployed Southeast Asia’s largest 2.5GHz 802.16e mobile WiMAX commercial network in terms of the coverage area for Globe Telecom,the first operator in the Philippines to commercially launch WiMAX broadband services nationwide.

    According to Huawei, it provided Globe Telecom with a telecom-grade, end-to-end WiMAX solution which enabled the operator to widely deploy the network within a short time.

    The enhanced wireless broadband service would be available in South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Globe said in a statement.

    Globe said that subscribers would get a maximum bandwidth of up to 512 kilobits per second at P795 ( around USD 16.56) per month under its WiMAX-powered Globe Broadband service. Also the subscriber can enjoy high-quality VoIP services as demand for affordable and reliable Internet access and broadband services increases in the country.

    WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a telecommunications technology that provides broadband connectivity to wireless networks and makes possible the public’s aspiration for a fully mobile Internet access.

    WiMAX is here.

    In a press forum hosted by Intel recently, Kevin Lim, Intel Corp.’s managing director of WiMAX for Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, announced that the WiMAX spectrum is indeed already available nationwide in the Philippines, beginning in the second half of 2008 on the 2.5Ghz band. This has allowed some operators to introduce the service.

    Lim clarified that there is really no demand for WiMAX per se but what the computing public is clamoring for is Internet broadband capability, both fixed and mobile. WiMAX will simply enable users to access the Internet at true broadband speeds wirelessly. This means that the speed of current wired broadband Internet connection will now be available on mobile Internet devices (MIDs) such as smartphones and cellphones, netbooks and notebooks anytime, anywhere.

    The need for WiMAX

    It is a fact: the Internet is big and growing even bigger. Lim cited figures: 1.4 billion Internet users, 150 million websites, 1.5 billion Web searches every day. Moreover, there are approximately one billion users of Instant Messengers (IMs), while 10 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Around 10,000 blogs are created daily.

    This robust online activity is pushing the demand for broadband and the current network is quite unable to keep up with the demand. In the Philippines alone, the number of Internet users is 14 million, which makes it among Asia’s top 10 Internet countries.

    However, in a country with approximately 14 million Internet users, only 1.3 million households are subscribed to broadband Internet. WiMAX could close the gap, as a fully mobile Internet is made available.

    “Fixed broadband installations exhibit geographic limitations for countries with rural populations, and because of this, there is a growing demand toward mobile broadband services,” said Intel Technology Philippines Inc. country manager Ricky Banaag.

    “Next-generation technology such as WiMAX can be the more cost-effective, back-haul solution to help build out this infrastructure to help drive growth,” he added.

    Not a competitor of 3G

    With the push for WiMAX gaining momentum not just in the Philippines but worldwide, Lim emphasized that it is not a competitor or an alternative to 3G. “Its purpose is to create a new market category, which is mobile broadband Internet,” he said. 3G, he said, is a voice network and is really for voice but WiMAX is a 4G wireless broadband network suited well for data services.

    Mobile WiMAX will continue to evolve, said Lim. At present, mobile broadband is available at 60+ Mbps through Mobile WiMAX 1.0 at 802.16e. However, in 2009 and beyond it will be available to achieve mobile broadband speed of 125+ Mbps (for Mobile WiMAX 1.5 on 802.16e Rev 2), and even 300+ Mbps (for Mobile WiMAX 2.0 on 802.16m).

    Lim said even the basic Mobile WiMAX 802.16e could deliver fixed (at home or the office or any fixed location) or nomadic (outdoors or in non-fixed locations) access and full mobility (while on the move — in buses, trains, cars) to users depending on the packages to be rolled out by operators.

    Intel announced WiMAX-ready chipsets

    Last year, Intel announced WiMAX-ready chipsets built on its Montevina platform, which means that devices running on these chipsets should be able to use WiMAX technology once it is deployed.

    Lim bared that they are working with most PC manufacturers for the rollout of devices that are WiMAX-ready within the year.

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    WiMAX Base Station
    Source: ...

    WiMAX BTS Portfolio

    Many countries worldwide are currently deploying WiMAX networks. During the initial stage in a network construction project, what concern operators most are: seeking to minimize investment; guaranteeing rapid implementation; simplifying O&M; providing carrier-class applications; and facilitating seamless, future-oriented capacity expansion and evolution. Huawei leading WiMAX BTS Portfolio will meet operators’requirements.


    * Micro/compact base station for public outdoor hotspot for better experience
    * Distributed base station is easy to install and save power consumption
    * Femto Cell satisfies home subscribers to have convenient applications
    * Pico base station allows enterprise and indoor coverage application
    * Macro base station has better coverage and higher throughput


    Universal Platform to Lower CAPEX

    * The 4th generation universal BTS platform makes multi-standard convergence possible.
    * 100% reuse of legacy hardware, to lower CAPEX
    * Software upgrade to future network, to save civil works and manpower

    Green Solution to reduce TCO

    * Huawei’s green BTS adopts the latest power amplifier (PA) technologies to increase the efficiency of the PA to30%
    * Green BTS adopts a natural cooling—without air conditioning (AC) or fan units
    * A complete set of accessories include innovative shelters, tower designs, green energy sources, and intelligent the environment
    * Small size and light-weight WiMAX base station to reduce the operational cost and achieve fast networking

    Smooth Evolution

    * Smooth evolution to WiMAX 16m TDD with only software upgrades and channel board substitutions
    * Due to stack expansion, the entire module complement may not require change-out. Therefore, the cost of device upgrade is reduced
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    Huawei: Clear Sailing on WiMAX?
    Source: ... -on-wimax/

    Huawei is a finalist for a major WiMAX infrastructure contract with Clearwire, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report, citing an unnamed person familiar with the matter, said that Huawei is competing for the contract along with Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks and Samsung Electronics.

    Clearwire is likely to choose more than one vendor for its network and it’s unknown how much the potential contract is worth. Motorola infrastructure gear, like the WAP 450 WiMAX Access Point was used in Portland, while Samsung infrastructure was used in Baltimore.

    Huawei provides a carrier-level and end-to-end WiMAX solution including distributed Base Stations (BBU3703, RRU3701C), ASN-GW (WASN9770), Network Management System (AAA, M2000), and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).


    Its DBS3900 WiMAX base station and at least two of its terminal products, the BM325 and BM625, are are Wave 2 certified by the WiMAX Forum.

    As of September 2008, Huawei’s total number of WiMAX 16e commercial contracts had reached 31, ranking Huawei in first place for global WiMAX 16e commercial network contracts.

    Huawei’s WiMAX is serving many significant operators including Globe in Philippines, STC in Saudi Arabia, Vodacom in South Africa, Mobilink and Augere/FT in Pakistan, Méditel /Telefonica in Morocco, and Mobily/Etisalat in Saudi Arabia.

    Huawei has won smaller deals in the United States, such as regional, low-cost cell phone provider Leap Wireless, but for the most part, the company has struggled to get a toehold in the U.S. market, says C/Net.
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    The speedtest shown here is from @alvinrons (see his thread here: )


    According to him, he was able to connect a wireless router (encore ENHWI-G2) to his new Globe WiMAX service...

    Here's his personal comment:

    "Para sakin mas ok ung performance nya kesa sa smart bro ko nuon in terms of streaming, torrent, conference etc... d na nga nag bubuff masyado pag youtube eh... kaso mei tym lng na mawawala ung connection for 5 mins maximun... Smile"

    I noticed in the speedtest that the service is still under "Innove" name... low ping if MetroManila server (how about Singapore?) and above the 512kbps bandwidth as advertised... so far he is happy with the service.
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    question though, how far is he from the BTS?

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    ah eh.. anong relations ng MMORPG sa WIMAX?
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    wimax daw gamitin pang download hahaha

    spam sux, dapat i ban yan sya
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    wala daw lag .. mweheh ..

    i never really paid too much attention sa WiMax .. WiMax is the upgrade version of a wireless connection offered by Globe/Smart/Sun?

  11. Pano makukuha ng router yung signal ng WIMAX? Di ba magkaiba sila frequency?
  12. paribas

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    ano po u mean?

    ang wcdma/hsdpa ng wireless dsl nla ay nasa 2-2.5Ghz na frequency na covered ng UMTS transmision katulad ng gamit sa mga 3G capable cellular phones samantalang eto daw wimax (802.16e) ay umeere naman daw sa 1-2Ghz na frequency thru microwave transmission..

  13. Ang CPE na kasa sa Globe Wimax package is Huawe BM625 Wimax CPE, which is merong 4 ports, yung Router mo ikabit mo dun sa isa sa mga ports ng Wimax CPE at iconfigure mo yung Router mo na DHCP.

    After that pwede mo na magamit

    Ganyan ang setup ko. :)

  14. meron na po ba sa bulacan ng wimax?esp.baliuag?

  15. dunno with the rest of Bulacan but here in SJDM meron na :)
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    nag search ako about dito kasi yung tito ko inofferan. hanggang San Rafael bulacan pwede na. so dadaan yan so tingin ko pwede. dito kami sa San Miguel, Bulacan. sabi ko sa kanya tanong tanong muna sya sa mga may internet doon. mahirap na mag recommend. smartbro kasi gamit mo eh. baba nang upload

  17. Oh my goodness, Globe capped the 4G speed to 512kbps. Pls. Globe don't make us feel foolish.. The purposed of implementing 4G Wimax/LTE is to have a faster data transfer and better faster latency compare to the current wireless technology (3/3.5G). I hope this is only temporarily. I feel pity for those kababayan that currently subscribing for 4G and giving them a minimal service for an advanced wireless technology.. Please write to Globe and complained about this slow speed that is currently given to current subscribers of 4G..
  18. Poochini31

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    Saan po ba tong problema na to? kasi sa umaga mabilis ang browsing sa speedtest 1.03mbps yung result , pero sa hapon sobrang bagal ng browsing pero sa speedtest at sa 2wire, 1.08mb pa yung result, hindi naman masasabing bumagal yung speed, yung browsing lang.. :D
  19. pcruztemp

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    if globe doesnt improve baka matabunan sila ng LTE/3.9g ng smart if and when it rolls out
  20. striker16

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    opo meron dito kami sa San Miguel, Bulacan

    hintay ko lang ang smartbro ko mag endo, mabilis ang globe wimax 1mbs+ saka 300kbps+ ung upload sa smartbro 800/200 lang haha. ayaw mag upgrade napakatalino talga 5 kami so may 1mbs na sya para sa new subcriber. :p

    ka bwisit talga. pag pwede line dito nang globe pa line ako.

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