Globe is now offering 10 MB and 100MB Internet PLANS!!!! WOW

Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by Latency, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Re: My FTTH connection

    Simply WOW! ahahaha. super sarap siguro ang magnet kapag ganyan kabilis! haha. wala lang. bigla lang akong naexcite.
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    Your plan is 1mbps (megabits per second)

    There is no such thing as 100mbps on PLDT's network. And anyway you've pinged a server which is owned by PLDT (Makati server)
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    100 mbps nga pero puro RTO naman! :D
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    ^san sir? 100mbps kuno pero ang speed ganito

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    selected areas .. :( .. sana buong Metro Manila, meron na .
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    100mb ang base station.
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    Almost 2 years na ang 100mbps ng globe sa Makati pero wala pa rin sa atin :)

    Thanks pala sa isang pinoydsl user...Nalaman ko ang malaking vulnerability sa aking email

  9. No such thing?? Really? and Where did you get your info? What's your basis? please back what you type with facts. Have you heard of FTTH connection?

    I'm using FTTH( not DSL nor Cable) and on torrents, I can get a constant rate of 8-9MB/s (according to the meter of utorrent) with multiple downloads from private trackers and was able to download a 40gb bluray in 3-4 hours. <--I don't think a 1mbps(megabits per second) as you claim or even a 1MBps(Megabyte per second) connection can do this

    When I was on DSL 3.5 mbps connection, the max I could get from torrents is a constant 420kb/s

    Fiber optic connections really have low latencies/ping

    I am also using PLDT's IPTV to steam High definition channels from Mediascape which requires at least 10mbps connection. I don't think a 1mbps connection (as you claim I have)can handle this kind of video streaming.

    Lastly, may I refer you to this site Bit Calculator

    100mbps = 12.5MB/s = 102400 kbps = 12800 KB/s


  10. wow fafs. ganda connection mo a.
    i heard pldt's ftth last may 09, got excited with it.
    anyway, can you do a ping test paps? i think they're the same people hosting gusto ko lang malaman yung latency on western countries. (for games hehe....) launched na rin yung ps3 sa pinas, hopefully darating na psn dito soon.
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